The Unique Invention of Scientists to Get Rid of the Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Scientists have invented a unique thing to avoid the air conditioning in the house and then the energy wasted by it and get rid of the electricity bill.

Scientists in the US state of Indiana have replaced this modern air conditioner with just paint, which is truly amazing.

Researchers at the University of Purdue say they have developed a radioactive cooling paint that can be used to get rid of AC.

Scientists say that if the paint they make is applied outside a room, the temperature in the room will be about 8 degrees lower than the outside temperature.

He said that this color does not absorb solar energy, but it sends heat back from the surface where it is applied.

He also said that if one thinks, the room becomes a kind of refrigerator while there are no other expenses in it.

Researchers at the University of Peruvian say they are beneficial for rooms that are exposed to direct sunlight and that allow them to withstand constant heat.