Gadgets to Enhance Your Exercise Routine 

Gadgets Exercise Routine

An exercise routine is now considered essential for people who don’t get out much. Our bodies were made to move around and be active, so it’s best if we give ourselves the exercise we need on a daily basis. It’s not just about losing weight, although exercise is a must for that goal as well. However, having a proper exercise routine in your life is also about enhancing your mental well-being, level of activity, and overall discipline.

We’ve been seeing a lot of fit and healthy celebrities showing their workout routines online. While their content is great for inspiration and motivation, you don’t need all their gadgets and products to stay fit. However, here are some additions that might help in taking your exercise routine to the next level.

  1. Underwater Earphones

An exercise routine can mean anything; a brisk walk in a nearby park, a full-fledged workout at the gym, or a few laps in the pool. Swimming is by far one of the most enjoyable ways to get in your exercise for the day, but it does present challenges when you want to listen to music or a podcast.

Fortunately, technology has now evolved enough to give us underwater earphones and make our pool workouts much more enjoyable. Swimmers who are having trouble focusing on their routines might also find such earphones useful for relaxing and concentrating on their goal. While these gadgets might not be of much use beyond a few meters of depth, they’re still better than nothing.

  1. A Hydration Tracker

Whether this comes in the form of a smartphone app or a bottle with markings on it, it’s a good idea to have a hydration tracker on hand. When you’re working out, you lose a lot of water content from your body. Staying hydrated is essential for your health and will also keep you going for longer.

It’s best to opt for a reusable water bottle, as it’s better for the environment and will also save you a lot of bucks in the long run. There are several options available on the market right now, with some bottles even having motivational messages with the markings.

If you want some more guidance on drinking enough water, see if you can get a smart cup or smart bottle. These options can be synced with apps and devices like Fitbit and Apple Health, hence keeping us updated on our hydration goals.

  1. Smart Scales

The variety of smart gadgets seems to be growing every single day, so it was only a matter of time before smart scales became available as well. Digital scales are already a commonplace gadget in many homes and allow us to keep track of our weight more easily than the analog versions.

However, smart scales are on a whole other plane. They help a workout enthusiast to focus on the goals of fitness and health, not just weight. Along with telling us our body weight, smart scales will help along our efforts by also sending us notifications about our heart rate, BMI, and other information. There’s even a weather forecast option in these gadgets that can help you plan weather to exercise indoors or venture outside. You can also use these scales to judge the air quality in a room, which can have an effect on how you exercise. If the air quality is too poor, you can open a window or install an air filter to increase your stamina while working out.

  1. A Smart Band

Smart bands, also known as fitness bands or sports bands, are no longer considered a unique item. Almost anyone who gives a second thought to their fitness is wearing one or has a couple tucked away somewhere in their drawer. However, these bands deserve a spot on this list due to their motivating factor and the features they provide in just one tiny, wearable gadget.

Even the most basic smart band will count the number of steps you’re taking. Some will allow you to record your workout, showing the number of calories burned and the distance travelled. Cycling, walking, running, or any other form of exercise can easily be logged in and saved with the help of these bands. You can then sync their data to your smartphone and see how your workout has improved (or not) over the days.

  1. A Smart Mat

If scales can be smart, exercise and yoga mats can’t be far behind. Originally, such mats were essential if you wanted a comfortable exercise space and minimize the risk of slipping.

With a smart mat, yoga enthusiasts and anyone following a workout routine can develop their alignment, balance, and placement in a better way. Since so many of us have to work out at home now, it’s great to have something that can guide us while exercising.

Of course, these mats don’t replace gym instructors and personal trainers, but they’re better than winging it on your own. After all, exercising with the wrong posture can lead to adverse effects on the body. You don’t want to end up in pain from pulled muscles and twisted tendons, so it makes sense to ensure that your exercise is safe.

Depending on the model and settings of your smart mat, you can get the instructions audio or visual. If you’re in a proper class with other people, opting for the visuals setting is better. When you’re at home, you can turn on the audio setting and get instructions as you’re working out. The mat will also sync with a smartphone or tablet, showing a heat map of the whole routine. In a way, this mat almost gives you the experience of a personal instructor whenever you want it.

  1. Smart Kettlebells

The actual equipment you use for exercising can also be helping in enhancing your routine. Kettlebells are one of the best conditioning and strengthening gadgets out there, so don’t think they’re just for Crossfit exercises. Swimming a kettlebell can improve your core strength, up your dynamic balance, and boost that aerobic capacity. All of this can help your body become much stronger and more efficient, especially when you’re running or playing a sport.

When you get a smart kettlebell, these benefits only increase in number. You can adjust the weight in just one gadget, so there’s no need to have a whole rack of them in your home gym. The motion sensors in these devices also help in automatically tracking power, sets, rep, etc. What’s more, you can also find videos of guided workouts with these kettlebells and sync them with a partner app on your smartphone. They’d have to be charged, but can last around a couple of weeks on a single charge. With this investment, you can find it much easier to build up your swings and squats.


While it’s possible to get the required amount of exercise on your own without any gadgets or devices, the options above do give you an edge. If you’re having problems motivating yourself or feel that you need a helping hand, one or more of these items might be the answer. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it; check out the most likely choices and use one of them in your exercise routine next time.