Rotate PDFs Permanently Online with GogoPDF


PDF files often contain urgent and sensitive data that should be handed over to the right hands as soon as needed. However, PDFs do not work the same as images. You can’t easily change their file orientation without using a PDF tool. Here’s one online tool that will help you do your tasks within minutes.

How Can You Rotate PDFs Fast and Easy?

GogoPDF has everything you will ever need for your next PDF tasks, and they are all free for use. You will never have to worry about purchasing expensive licenses for a PDF rotate tool or conversion. Here’s how to rotate your PDFs on Rotate PDF for the first time.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use Rotate PDF. Just follow the easy steps on the Rotate PDF page, and you’re good to go. You can start by uploading the PDFs you want to rotate. After they get uploaded on the tool, you have the option to rotate the page to the right or left. If you’re satisfied, click or tap on the “APPLY CHANGES” button.

As a free online tool, you might wonder that they might be one of those websites that are bombarded with ads. With GogoPDF, you will never have to worry about clicking and seeing suspicious and inappropriate ads. The Rotate PDF tool offers several features that provide optimum security, quality, and convenience for all its users.

All is Safe in the Cloud

GogoPDF is an online tool. Everything you do on this platform does not require you to download any software. The entire process of rotating your PDFs are done on the Rotate PDF tool webpage. Also,  your files are saved in GogoPDFs safe cloud storage.

Upload and Rotation Convenience

If you have tried working on other online tools before, you might notice that most of the time, they only allow uploads from your device’s storage. That can be a long process. If your business works on cloud storage like Google Drive, Rotate PDF lessens the burden of the repeating download and upload cycle by providing three upload options.

You can start uploading your files from your Google Drive, DropBox, or your storage. Just tap on one of the options to upload your files. If you have a widescreen desktop, you can just drag and drop your PDFs on the “Select Files” box.

For their rotating features, the web-based tool provides you the option to rotate from 90 degrees up to 180 degrees. You also have the choices to rotate a single page PDF or multiple pages of your PDF file. It doesn’t end there. You can rearrange your files on Rotate PDF too.

Multiple Sharing and Downloading Options

Unlike other online tools, GogoPDF’s Rotate PDF offers several sharing and download options for you to choose from. For downloading, you are still offered three options. You can download them directly to your Google Drive and DropBox. If you prefer saving the documents to your device storage, you can simply click or tap the “Download” button.

If you dread the vicious cycle of downloading and uploading or if the files are just too big to be attached to your email or on business messaging platforms, the Rotate PDF tool offers a sharing option as well. You can copy the download link provided by Rotate PDF and send it to your colleagues.

For files under 25 MB, you might think it would be easier to save and attach your files to your email. That can be a great way to recheck your files before sending them. But to make the process short, choose the “Share via Email” button. Just type in your email, the recipient’s email, and a short message. GogoPDF will send the download link right away!

Accessible Anywhere with Internet

Since Rotate PDF is part of GogoPDF’s selection of online tools, compatibility will never be an issue. The web-based tool works as long as you are connected to the internet. It functions on several devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, and other mobile devices.

Since it works on multiple devices, does it also mean you can rotate files on different operating systems? Yes, you can! GogoPDF strives to provide the ultimate convenience for its users. So, whether it be Linux, Mac, or Windows, you can use Rotate PDF. It goes the same for browsers. It’s compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox users.

More Editing Tools

As mentioned above, Rotate PDF is just one of GogoPDF’s long list of PDF tools available for use. After you have finished rotating your files, Rotate PDF offers three editing tools to improve your PDF files. Those are the Merge, Split, and Compress. Choose among them, and GogoPDF will take you to the correct platform in a matter of seconds.


GogoPDF is dedicated to providing free PDF services worldwide. Whether it be file conversion or just simply rotating files, you will receive the same quality outputs that you can get from other paid tools. Try their Rotate PDF on GogoPDF today!