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Things are slowing down a bit, life just takes priority and whatnot. But here's some updates on articles and blogs. It's the tail-end of summer so trying to stay busy.

  •  Movie reviews are still at two a week, sometimes three if a lot has been seen. Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Currently writing TV Season reviews, you can check out all those under "Blogs"
  • The "Personal Favorites" of the Blog section is updated. Some of the larger and better entries that I like.
  • A new series "Not That Bad" is up and running, I hope to have old and newer movies to take a look at more analytically and see if they are as bad as people say.
  • Lastly, "Videogame Memories" should have some new entires soon. NTB and blogs have taken most of the time (having to watch a lot of TV and movies) but I'd like to knock out a couple more before the end of the year.


It's November now, and I have a few days to work out some kinks on the site. For one, I'm going exclusively to Disqus as the commenting app for all articles (though I don't write as much as I used to). However, the blog section still uses the old form and there's nothing I can do because won't upgrade their blog app system and it won't allow custom HTML for me to fiddle with it.

Speaking of, has been sketchy and weird lately with server-wide issues and a repeating problem of not publishing blogs correctly, making for some unneeded stress. I mean, I can only imagine if I actually made money on this website and needed hits or sold item like a lot of others on their servers do. That's lost business for them. Sometimes it's just an hour here or there, but if for those that have to earn a living, I feel for them. I don't make a dime on this thing but even I get stressed when it's been an hour.

They also want me to upgrade to Sitebuilder 3, but the form of my website isn't available in 3 meaning all the fancy new tools are not available to me. I can't go to another form or template because it re-arranges every single thing and I have hundreds of pages full of images and that's just a headache.

So, in other words, I'm upgrading the comment sections, have been using Disqus for a while now and seem to be good with it so it will be exclusive, and I can't upgrade anything else.

Yeah that's it. Anyways new blog up today about horror movie remakes. Go read or something if you want.

Autum...or "Fall" or...after Summer

It's my favorite time of year. The heat is died down a little, it's not ass-chillingly cold yet, there are pumpkins and stuff on porches awaiting teenagers to steal and throw through windows. It's all good times, and now with summer over I can update with  more updates.

This year marked the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters. For some reason, I wrote a big piece on them two years ago and wanted to re-post it, so here it is. It's probably my favorite comedy. That or Blazing Saddles. Or Young Frankenstein. Or maybe Some Like it Hot. The Odd Couple. Shaun of the Dead. Spinal Tap...I better stop.

A lot of blogs since the beginning of summer, so here's a quick rundown of some you might like, otherwise you can click on the sub-menu "Personal Favorites" under "blog" at the top and find a list there, or just scroll through every. single. one. if you like.

A Dirty Harry Retrospective (Two Parts)

A Tribute to Robin Williams

The Final TV Season Review (bottom of the page has links to all the others too)

The Case for Never Say Never Again where I argue the black sheep of the Bond franchise gets a bad rap.

A couple of quick blogs about various subjects, from Final Fantasy to Feminism in Gaming can be read Here and Here

A look back at some videogame stuff with The Sega CD and Mario 64.

And other blogs you can find here.

And a constant stream of movie reviews here.

Gettin Hot in Here

It's summer. Hurray? Maybe when you're a kid "summer" actually means something. When you're an adult, you just hope your AC is good and your utility bill is low.

But it's also the "mid way" point of the year of movies, games and what not. As I still do updates daily, well almost daily...ok at least four or five times a week...I figured why not put the best and worst movies I've seen so far right smack-dab here on the ole home page. Because the home page needs love. So, if you haven't read the reviews or blogs (links above and to the side) then here's a brief list of stuffs:

Best Movies So Far: Edge of Tomorrow, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Cheap Thrills, Captain America The Winter Soldier, The Lego Movie, Chef (still need to write the review, boy is it good), Jodorowsky's Dune, Snowpiercer, Days of Future Past, The Sacrament, Calvary, Under the Skin and How to Train Your Dragon 2,

Worst Movies: Godzilla (sorry, folks), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (actually just so mediocre), Vampire Academy, Pompeii, That Hercules Movie, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Robocop (though, again, just really mediocre), note: I'm not rushing out to see robots fight robots again.

Movies I Don't Want to See Ever: I, Frankenstein, Blended, The Other Woman, Heaven is for Real,

The Buzz (supposedly movies I still need to see): Blue Ruin (seeing over this holiday), The Fault in Our Stars, The Double (also seeing this holiday weekend), Enemy, Boyhood, The Immigrant, Night Moves, Obvious Child (seeing as well...full plate this weekend), Foxcatcher, Leviathan, The Rover

  Updates and Stuff                   Hi There, 2014             


I think it's time to start redoing this front page, and that's why this is here. Sure, you can go and look up all the stuff above and to the side and everywhere, but honestly, this needs more activity. So starting today I'll be putting Weekend updates right here, just to recap everything from the previous week. 

This past week two reviews went up, the underwhelming "Non-Stop"and the movie that probably could have been better, "Oculus."

Latest blog is a look back at a handful of TV shows, second entry includes the delectable Hannibal which might just be my favorite show on television right now.

Lastly, Trailing trailers this week, we take a little lesson on Asian Vampires. They're a little strange. 



Five years, just about, I've been writing. It's fun. Currently I'm watching Billy Jack kick the shit out of racists. That's also fun.

I've updated the "personal favorites" section recently with the best blogs of the year, at least through about late November. Of course, if you want recent movie reviews, those are in the reviews section. I'll be putting up my final "lists" (because that is something the interwebs like I guess) of my favorite movies of the year, some I have yet to write a review for because I either a) want to watch it again or b) it's just sitting there waiting to be put up (Her and Short Term 12 probably two I need to get out there this week, considering they're on many of my favorites list).

So enjoy, and thanks for stopping in. A blog about some videogames is coming up, as well as one about geek culture. So check in the next couple of weeks for those.