Free Sudoku Puzzle Games


You can enjoy free Sudoku puzzle games on mobile similar to real Sudoku on paper with a pencil, and they will give you a unique puzzle game experience. With the four levels of difficulties like expert, hard, medium, and easy, you can now go anywhere and at any time with the free Sudoku puzzle games.

You will get 30 puzzles now in each pack, and there are several puzzle packs in each difficulty. In total, you can get well over 3000 brain Sudoku puzzles. If your friends can solve more puzzles than you, you can now compete with them, check your worldwide rank in leaderboards, get some achievements, and solve puzzles in Sudoku.

Playing Free Sudoku Puzzle Games

In the empty cells, you will put numbers 1 to 9 in them. Without any repetition of the number inside the square, column, or row, you will need to fill numbers 1 to 9 with each square, column, and row. You will end up solving the puzzle when you have filled the whole Sudoku puzzle cells with solutions and without any errors. When you want to play easy Sudoku, you can choose between the cell first or number first when you select your favorite input mode.

Features of Free Sudoku Puzzle Games

Some of the features you will enjoy when you play the free Sudoku puzzle games are:

  • Having different achievements
  • Track the complete time you used in Sudoku leaderboard
  • Know your rank and how many puzzles you solve in the leaderboard
  • Learn how to play Sudoku with a simple tutorial
  • Getting the puzzle reset at any point
  • Online and offline Sudoku play
  • Make notes with the use of pencil
  • Turn off or on during gameplay
  • Eliminate any error through the use of an eraser
  • Highlight repeated numbers in each block, row, and column
  • Control auto-remove notes from settings
  • When numbers fail to correlate with the final Sudoku solution, you can detect them automatically
  • Highlighting of the same numbers in a cell
  • Highlighting of a column and row connected to the selected cell
  • When you are stuck in the game, make use of the hint
  • Infinite redo and undo options
  • You can continue with the progress of the game since it auto-save
  • 4 levels of difficulties such as expert, hard, medium, and easy
  • Dark/night mode
  • Multiple themes
  • Multiple methods of input as you can select number first or cell first
  • Solve Sudoku once in a day with the Daily Sudoku Challenge

It is helpful to note that you will need to sign in using Google account for you to access leaderboard and achievements features. Some of the languages that support the free Sudoku puzzle games are Korean, Russian, Norwegian, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Remember that it is free to select any difficulty level you like. While you can exercise your mind with the expert level, you can also exercise your brain with a more manageable difficulty level. With the duplicate highlights, automatic checks, and tips, you will find it quite easy to play some of these free Sudoku puzzle games.