Apple Trade-In: How Programs Work

Apple Trade-In

Apple products have now become trendsetters in the world community. With almost perfect quality, it makes the price of new types of apples very expensive. It will be a bit of a problem if you want to change your old Apple product to the newest Apple model because you have to pay more to get it, while you still have your old Apple product. With Apple’s concern, Apple is currently launching the “Apple Trade in” program. Namely, the trade-in system from old apple products to new types of apples if you want it. This will make it easier for apple product fans.

How does it work?

The Apple Trade-In Program will provide you with an online quote on how much your device is worth by looking at the status of your device software through the serial number and description previously requested by Apple.

Assuming you accept the estimate, Apple will ship you a box with a prepaid shipping label. Ship your old apple within 14 days and you will get credit service at the Apple store.

Buy new

With the consideration that you will not be left behind without an iPhone, for example, you have to buy a new Apple product. So in this case you will order a new iPhone device to your cart. If there are no problems and your ordering process is complete, Apple will send an order for your new device. If you have a new product in your hand, Apple will ask you to immediately ship your old iPhone product.

After Apple receives your old iPhone, they will check it and will apply the exchange rate to the credit card you used for the credit transaction on your new iPhone. Also, Apple will give you a higher value if you ship your iPhone early.

Purchase a refurbished kit.

If you are not satisfied with the new product trade-in program system, they will implement a method wherein you are given the option of replacing your product with a newer reconditioned device. This will satisfy you a little more. Keep in mind that if your product is too old to trade-in for a new one, Apple still has a free recycling program as a last resort.

As a trading alternative

Maybe you are not happy with Apple’s estimated value. But keep in mind that they have seen from various sides, including product age, condition, and various other considerations. In this case, Apple has provided an easy service for its customers.