How to embed google docs in WordPress


It is not such a long time ago, even though it feels like it, when my IT technician used to tell me that we need to backup data on drive D. Over this recent couple of years this does not happen anymore because Google does it for us by supplying us with excessive cloud storage space.  This storage is very commonly known as Google Drive on which we can store documents, images, Google sheets, etc.

Another cloud storage offered by Google which gives us exorbitant space is Google Photos on which we can upload all our photos and videos.  But we are not talking about Google Photos today.  We will be writing about how we can take Google documents from Google Drive and how to Google drives to WordPress.

  1. Login to your Google Account and create a document.

  • This is important since Google will not allow you to access anything without logging in.
  • A username and password are required
  • In the event that the password is forgotten then Google offers various ways of retrieving or changing it.
  • Once you login, you access your drive and either create a new document or if you would have one which you have already completed then you can use that.
  1. Time to publish.

  • Now that your document is ready you will need to choose “file” from the dropdown menu and then click on “Publish to the web”
  • Click on “Start publishing”.
  • It is important that at this point you copy the Document link since you will need it at a later stage.

Qt this point your work on Google Drive will be complete.  You will need to start working now on your WordPress account.

  1. Login to WordPress

  • You will need to login as you have previously done for Google Drive.
  • Your username and password are required; even with WordPress if you forget your password support is offered.
  • At this point, you will access your WordPress dashboard.
  1. Plugins

  • This next point will take us to our plugins.
  • Click on “installed plugins”
  • There you will see the plugin named iFrame and activate it.
  • If you do not have iFrame in your list of installed plugs, you can refer to this link where you will find all the information as to the installation of the required plugin from WordPress to embed Google docs in WordPress. WordPress gives instructions on how to go about with the link that they provide you with.
  1. Time to embed your Google Doc in WordPress

  • First, you will access the post or page where you want to embed the document
  • Here you will need to paste the document link that you had previously copied out when you published the document on Google Drive (please refer to point number 2 above). You will paste it into the iFrame shortcode.
  • Here you can adjust your doc in whatever way you will require. You can adjust the height or width as necessary in the iframe shortcode.
  • You can now Publish your post or page

We have compiled these simple guidelines to assist you with the smooth publishing of your document.  Best of luck!