Choosing the Loudest Headphones? What You Need to Know

Loudest Headphones

In case you enjoy listening to loud music then it’s normal to be interested in the loudest headphones on the market. However, when it comes to headphones, the loudness isn’t just the pure volume you can get out of them, but also their ability to block the surrounding noise.

A combination of high volume and the ability to eliminate the outside noise is a winning combination. Now, let’s see what you need to pay attention to when buying the loudest headphones for you.

Can Loud Headphones Damage Your Hearing?

It is a widespread thought that loud music is the main cause of hearing damage and even hearing loss. Well, the truth is that in children and teenagers the hearing loss can be a result of being exposed to loud music for a longer period of time.

The sound at a rock concert is usually around 120 dB and this is the exact volume most headphones can produce today. According to that we can presume that if a person listens to music for a few hours at maximum volume there are high chances of hearing damage.

Generally speaking, if you are listening to music at high volumes and you can’t even hear yourself talking then it is too loud. Experts say that the maximum you should reach is 60% of the volume of the headphones to reduce the chance of hearing damage.

According to this we can conclude that the louder we listen to our music the shorter we need to listen to protect our hearing. As a rule of thumb if you are listening to music at 60% of the highest volume you should do that for an hour and then rest your ears for some time.

What to consider before purchase?

Listening to music is something we would love doing for the rest of our lives. That’s why it is important to do what it takes to protect our hearing.

Since the market today is flooded with headphones of different designs, prices and quality, finding the loudest headphones can easily become pretty complicated. As we have said earlier, you need to find the loudest headphones that have excellent noise cancellation. A combination of these two factors will guarantee you a high-quality, clear and loud sound from the headphones you buy.

Different types of headphones

Full-size Headphones

Although these headphones can be pretty bulky, they have the best ratio of loudness and sound quality. Additionally, they completely cover the ears which makes them comfortable and you won’t feel ear fatigue even after hours of continuous use.

Ear pad headphones

These headphones are also very comfortable mainly because of the small pads that cover the ears but not entirely. The two things that make them stand out from the competition is comfort and portability. However, they are not ideal for listening to very loud music.


Earbuds are the most affordable ones. You simply need to insert them into your ear canal and you can listen to your loud music. The best thing about earbuds is that they block the outer noise very well which makes them perfect to be used in crowded places like airports and buses. Earbuds are pretty comfortable but the sound quality isn’t perfect.

Important Features

Noise Cancellation

Decibels are important but noise cancellation is equally important because without the surrounding sounds interfering you will get a crisp and cleaner sound from your headphones. When it comes to loudness these headphones are pretty good but they are not that affordable.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation functions in a way that it creates a seal inside the ears. With that you can easily listen to music without any interference from your surroundings.


When you decide to buy the loudest headphones for you it is important to be well informed before making the purchase. This is why it is pretty complicated to find the adequate headphones and the best way to be well informed is by reading buying guides, reading user’s opinions on forums and subreddits and so on.

As a final thought we can say that loudest doesn’t mean that it has the largest number of decibels, but a good noise cancellation and noise isolation if you want to listen to crisp and clear sound without outer noise.