Affordable Omega Watches For Watch Collectors

Omega Watches

Omega watches has produced many various timepieces for many years already, and this watch is one of the most famous watches because of its clock. It is known as the Moonwatch series of the Omega collection. There are also a lot of affordable Omega watches depending on the collector’s budget. It fits every seasoned and new collector.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

This watch was first introduced back in 1975, and the Omega Speedmaster is fitted with people who love adventure and spaceflight. Some of the greatest icons changed their watch designs across decades. Moonwatch is known as the World over. It has a distinctive black dial covered by a crystal hesalite with a trademark between the minute and hour.

It also has a small sundial in the seconds, 12-hour recorders, and a chronograph characteristic on its second hand. The bezel, together with the scale tachymeter, is mounted on its steel case with 42 mm diameter, and it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The heart of this watch timepiece is the caliber mechanical 1861.

This hand movement has been upgraded and transformed over the past years, but it remains the same as the vintage timepieces given to the astronauts of NASA on their trip to the moon. This watch has a free bracelet or a strap with a special box presentation that includes a black Velcro strap and a “NATO” strap.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial

Omega first launched this Co-Axial Constellation watch in 1952. This watch was known because of its name Globemaster. It has a conflict on its trademark that has also been resolved in 1957. The Geneva Observatory Dome served as the crest family, in which the Omega watch broke the timekeeping precision.

The dome was represented with eight stars in the most outstanding chronometric achievements of omega. During the year 1931, the Omega watch broke the precision record in all of the various categories. After that, they introduced the Manhattan collection series in 1982. This watch has claws at 9 and 3 o’clock with a crystal sapphire that ensures a waterproof watch design.

Omega watch was introduced to Co-Axial calibers with unique and new escapements with a little friction. It has excellent efficiency in its mechanical design and perfect chronometric performance. The new escapement has an excellent account that every Omega watch lover is looking for.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial

The Omega Seamaster Aqua is a unique timepiece because of its distinctive and clean lines. The dials of this watch recall all the wooden and beautiful decks of the luxury sailboats. It has a silver dial that is decorated with the concept pattern of Teak. The gold seconds hand has an 18 carat with dark blue minute and hour hands.

The silver stainless steel has a 41.5mm case that binds the Omega Master Co-Axial feature, which is certified as a COSC certified. It is manufactured specially to give a magnetic resistance to the fields with a 15,000 gauss. Other antimagnetic watches are not like the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra because of its transparent case back.

There are many brands that give mechanical watches that protect the movements of the inner antimagnetic case. This watch has the most recent upgrade on its design by making a new movement of its components from the ferrous materials. The feature of this watch is essential today because of the magnetic fields of other different looks.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial 42mm

Omega is also known because of its performance under the sea and in space. The brand has become popular because of its design and durability wherever you go. Omega launched the marine watches that were recognized by many people because this is their first watch that will be used underwater.

Omega timepieces were accompanied by various explorers, together with the marine explorer and biologist Willian Beebe. He wore this watch during the record of the bathysphere dives together with Le Prieur Yves, the first inventor of Scuba diving. Cousteau Jacques wore the famous Omega Seamaster Plo roof during his dive underwater.

Omega then expanded the maritime legacy in 2005. They then first introduced the Planet ocean line collection. This model has a feature of a ceramic rotating dive bezel with black stainless steel with a 42mm diameter. This watch is also water-resistant up to 2,000 feet or 700 meters. It has an escape helium valve that marks the professional diver instrument.


If you want to look for a watch to collect, Omega watches are the one that fits every wrist of any people. You can use this watch wherever you go because of its durability. The design can also fit in any outfit that people wear. There are a lot of affordable Omega watches that are available in any watch store worldwide.