Reasons Why NASA TV is a Must on Your Cable Plan


To look at the black velvet sky strewn with magnificent stars and not wonder what is out there is impossible. For millennia, curious minds have pondered over the mysteries of the universe, trying to unravel it and while there is much we still don’t know, we have made considerable progress over the years.

We’ve come a long way since man first landed on the moon. Each day new discoveries are being made and with so much happening in the field, you don’t want to miss out on anything. There’s so much to learn and so much to see and if you’re interested in the subject, then access to the NASA network is a must. The curated shows with in-depth research make for engaging content that you won’t be able to get enough of. With this channel, watching SpaceX launch rockets to outer space will be no trouble. And this is just the beginning. Weird planets, black hole, aliens, you name it. NASA TV shows you all!

The Unique Nature of NASA TV

Before we move further, there are some things you need to know about the network like the fact that it is a work of the US government. Not many channels can boast of this. Then again, the kind of research and studies the content requires and given the limited people who truly enjoy such educational programming, only the state can run it. Sure, you won’t get the down-lo on alien life but you’ll nevertheless know enough shocking facts to last a lifetime.

In addition to this, you might find it interesting that NASA TV comprises of three channels, the NASA TV UHD, the Public Channel and the Media Channel which means you get triple the fun. Each of these is dedicated to bringing you the best on outer space, rockets, UFOs, spaceships and more so make sure your give each one a watch.

Must Watch Shows

If just the word space doesn’t give you reason enough to tune in, here are some shows to convince you. The content includes some pre-recorded missions, and documentaries along with some live streaming sessions. Each are just as interesting to watch. What’s more, they also air news conferences held around the globe meaning you’ll be updated on the latest discoveries and research. With that said let’s take a look at the most popular shows the network has to offer.


Written and produced by Michael Bibbo and Kevin Krigsvold, this 30-minute program introduces the viewers to innovative technology that’s changing the world. Covering subjects like aeronautics, science and engineering, the show aims to familiarize you with all the basic of space exploration.

This documentary style production offers some high-end graphics that’ll grab your attention and get you hooked. Hosted by the talented Jennifer Pulley, each episode has a riveting tale to tell.


Taking you behind the NASA curtain, this video podcast explores the various missions, and the technologies and projects NASA has developed to make them possible. The show is largely unscripted and this is what makes it even more interesting. Taking you over the process of the latest launch and showing you the working of the coolest gadget, the two hosts make the series even more fun with their skills.

The series has more than 200 vodcasts under its belt since it first aired in 2007 giving you enough to binge on. So, what are you waiting for, unleash your inner astronaut and get watching! For this one, you can even stream on your favorite social media platform so it’s double the fun. All you need is a fast internet connection and you’re in. If you don’t have one already click here.

NASA 360

One of the most downloaded shows the channel has to offer, this series is aimed at young adults seeking to build a career in the fields of science, technology, math and engineering.

The show was developed in collaboration with NIA and is currently in the tenth season. It takes you through the evolution of technology at NASA and shows you how the technologies they’ve developed have gone on to improve man’s day-to-day life.

Hubble – Eye in the Sky

If you’re looking for a different lens to look through, try this miniseries. Taking you behind the scenes of the Hubble Space Telescope operations, it tells you how this great invention collects the images and data that is transforming our take on outer space. The observatory has been investigating the mysteries of the universe for more than 30 years and you get the front seats to it all!

Final Words

Suffice to say, you’re really missing out if you don’t have NASA TV already. With great educational shows that make you think and reflect this is one productive way to pass your free time. So, what are you waiting for? To infinity and beyond!