Why and How to Set Up a VPN on Your iPhone

VPN on Your iPhone

Protecting personal data and internet usage history should be a priority, regardless of your reason for using the internet. One of the steps you can take to remain free, anonymous, and secure from online snoopers and other criminals is via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN gives you an additional cover of security and secrecy for all actions that you perform online. It does that by routing all your online operations by encrypting your web traffic. That way, your online activities and the place you are doing them remain secret and are only known to you.

Why Set-up a VPN on Your iPhone?

As you use your iPhones to browse, shop, bank, and chat online, you expose personal data such as passwords, banking data, credit card numbers, and other private information. That makes it easy for snoopers and online fraudsters to get to you. Therefore, setting up a VPN on their iPhone would be ideal.

1. Guarantees a secure internet connection

You will most times find yourself in a public place, and the urge to utilize the free public Wi-Fi is irresistible. It could be because you were experiencing a weak cell signal or that you’ve depleted your mobile data plan.

Public Wi-Fi compromises your security plus privacy. Any knowledgeable hacker can get access to any information being exchanged through that connection, yours included. Therefore, setting up a safe VPN on your iPhone will secure all the information you send, regardless of the manner in which you connect to the internet.

2. Protect your secrecy

VPNs protect you from spies such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Google, and other websites that are fond of harvesting people’s personal data and serving history for their selfish gain. Such spies can view everything you indulge in the web – the online sites you visit, the length of time you spend online or on a given web page, and your unencrypted conversations.

However, knowing that you can install a VPN on your mobile device to protect you from such prying eyes is such a relief. You can check best VPN for the USA iPhone users to protect your data and browser history from all the online creepiness and snoops.

3. Enjoy open and unblocked access to all content

Blocked content could be a result of censorship or geo-restrictions factors. With geo-restrictions, you experience blocked access to some sites because you are in a different state. Governments are mostly responsible for instituting censorship against some sites’ usage in the respective countries. Also, workplaces and schools tend to block their users from accessing certain websites.

However, having a VPN installed in your iPhone provides access to blocked sites since you can tunnel to another state with more progressive regulations and gain access to blocked sites. Additionally, VPN service spoofs your IP address; hence, you can bypass any firewall blocks intended on blocking you from browsing certain sites.

How to Set-up a VPN on Your iPhone

  1. Download the VPN application to your iPhone. You can do this by tapping the app store icon on your phone’s home screen. The store opens.
  2. Search for the VPN you plan to use on the app store once it has opened.
  3. Depending on the iOS version your phone is operating with, you might receive a notification to upgrade to the newest version to use the application. Opt for the latest version of iOS, or upgrade to iOS 10 or beyond for an improved VPN performance.
  4. You can then download then install the chosen VPN application. Upon completing the download process, the VPN icon appears on the home screen, which you can open by tapping on it.
  5. You will then need to sign up and log in to your VPN application. You will require an email address and a strong password to sign up. Enter the email address and the password details you signed up with to log in.
  6. Once you have logged or signed in, agree to the VPN service provider’s privacy policies.
  7. Tap continue on your screen, upon which your iPhone device may request to permit VPN configurations to your settings.

That way, you are good to go. You can now connect to the VPN on your iPhone anytime.


Given an increase in online insecurity, the benefits of VPN’s installation cannot be undermined. Ensure online security, privacy, and unblocked online access by setting up and installing the most effective iPhone’s VPN.