Save Environment With Computer Recycling


Developments are being made in the IT industry at such a fast pace that your electronic equipment become obsolete very soon. Many people want to dispose off their old computer, and replace it with a newer, latest version. But if you are also considering about getting rid of your old system, know that many of its components are highly toxic, and are dangerous for the environment very seriously. Computers contain batteries, color cathode ray tubes, circuit boards and several other parts that contain seriously hazardous materials like mercury, chromium and lead.If you dump them in landfills, their toxins may get released in the environment, into the water and ground, and as incinerated ash. You can think about Chicago computer recycling if you are planning to replace your old obsolete computer with a latest version PC.

Computer Recycling

What you should do with your old computer then?

If you have an old computer that you want to get rid of and replace, there are several non-profit and voluntary organizations dedicated to collect and recycle your computer parts and hardware. In this way, you will not only help the environment, but will also enhance someone’s computer education by giving them a computer at cheap price. According to a study, more than 112 million pounds of useful materials were recovered in a single year, just by recycling old computers. Such kinds of useful materials include plastic, glass, steel etc. Floppy disks, keyboards, cords, CDs, ink cartridges etc. contain different kinds of materials that can be used for other purposes. You can re-use ink cartridges, switch your speakers to your new computer, and look for re-usable floppy disks and CDs from now on.

Benefits of Chicago computer recycling

If you are conscious about the environment, then getting your computer recycled will help reduce your carbon footprint for sure. If your old computer is still in working condition, you can donate it to a missionary school, college or institution. In this way, you can help some poor people to learn computers and make a fruitful career.

How Chicago computer recycling is done?

A research reveals that around 13,000 computer systems are disposed off in a single day in US alone. Several companies offer drop-off schemes for old computers for a nominal handling fee. They save the component parts in the computers, and deliver hazardous materials to professionals who have their own equipments and techniques to recycle them. Hazardous materials like CR tubes are recycled to make raw materials, so that they can be used to make components for TV sets. Some companies have special recycling treatment systems in which controlled atmospheric conditions are used to enhance the usual pulverizing and shredding process of the components.