How To: 4 Handy and Convenient PDFBear Functions

PDFBear Functions

Without a doubt, PDF Bear is the best tool that people can use to manage their PDF files. This software will allow you to compress, merge, convert, split, and even protect your PDF files. Besides being easy-to-operate, the PDF Bear features will also process your files in less than 30 seconds without putting any pressure on yourself. So here are the convenient PDF Bear features that you need to use.

Compress PDF

Compressing your PDF files is an easy task if you use this function of PDFBear, and you can use it anytime and anywhere. For other online platforms, there is a disadvantage when you try to compress a file, and that’s the case for PDFBear. The compress PDF online tool will quickly shrink any document’s file size without sacrificing or jeopardizing its quality. Users can complete the process, and the final output quality is the same as the original file.

Start using this online PDF compression tool to lessen your documents’ file size without lowering the quality of your PDF file. No other online tools can offer this process, and only PDFBear can achieve that while producing excellent quality output. This online software is an excellent choice because it’s free, easy to use, and the process will only take you less than a minute. So here’s how to compress your PDF files easily.

  1. Select the “Choose Files” button and pick the document that you wish to compress. You can also drag the file into the compression box.
  2. Choose the option that you want.
  3. The website will start to analyze, scan, and compress your file.
  4. After the compression process, you can now use the compressed file or download it to your device.

Merge PDF

Combining your PDF files won’t be a problem anymore because PDF Bear will provide its merge PDF tool to make your life easier and more comfortable. This software’s service will effortlessly combine your data in a few clicks, and besides the merger, users can still use other features like compress, protect, split, convert, rotate, and a lot more. With this feature, you can merge multiple PDF files in under a minute without so much effort. After the merging process, you can now use the merged PDF file. Here are the simple steps on how to merge PDF files easily:

  1. Upload the PDF files that you need to combine using PDF Bear’s merge PDF tool.
  2. The system will start merging your PDFs after you modify them.
  3. Begin the modifying process, and when you press the “Combine” button, the tool will merge your files immediately.
  4. Once the process is done, start downloading the file to your computer.


There might be times that it’s hard to share your presentation with other people, especially your colleagues or classmates. A PPT file might be a standard file format, but only a few systems can support it. But with PDF Bear, people can easily use its quick and efficient conversion tool and transform their PPT files into a PDF file within a minute. With that, here’s how to convert your PPT file to a PDF:

  1. Select the PPT file that you want to convert into a PDF file.
  2. The system will start converting your data soon.
  3. After your file is uploaded, you can still modify it and choose the best option.
  4. Press “Download” to start saving the file to your PC or share it to your Google Drive or Dropbox.


If you want your image files to be converted into a PDF file, PDF Bear can do that and also supports PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP file formats. Users only need to perform a few clicks before they can access the converted file. The process is easy and fast to complete, and anyone can use PDF Bear at zero cost.

Start converting your image files using this online quick and carefree tool and allow this software’s servers to handle everything for you. Just drag or upload the JPG file into the converter and start the process. Here’s how to do it efficiently:

  1. Upload the JPG file or other image format that you want to convert.
  2. Choose the best option available.
  3. Hit “Convert!” and the conversion process will start.
  4. Start downloading the converted file or share it with your Dropbox or Google Drive.


If you want to keep your files private and nonpublic, this software will not leave a copy of your files in the system because they will be deleted after one hour. It’s an essential process because there are people who need to keep their stuff private.