Is OnlyFans Safe?


Covid has had so many of us locked up in our houses with nothing but time, social media taking a significant play in keeping us sane. OnlyFans is among the social media platforms that have gained popularity over the last couple of months amidst the ongoing pandemic. It has had a considerable shift in traffic and sales with users from Instagram influencers to A-List celebrities and the general public in just six months. Being such a popular website, the question of safety and security on OnlyFans is a pressing one. Many users seek the assurance that there will be no exploitation of their activities and content.

Just like most online companies, OnlyFans has taken reasonable measures to protect both its users and content creators; however, the company’s policies only get half the job done. So, how else can you take control of your security to ensure you are signed into a safe and secure platform?

Initiate the two-step verification

Your account should be a safe space for you to interact with other users and fans while creating your content. When first setting up an OnlyFans, most users disregard the two-step verification, which is a crucial function designed to keep your details and earnings safe. OnlyFans is a legitimate company that has partnered with Google Authenticator and Microsoft to facilitate its users’ cybersecurity. Your authenticator application is linked to your account in two steps, generating a six-digit code that you have to input every time you log in. Only Fans also provides a feature that allows you to view your log-in sessions hence monitoring any suspicious activity on your account.

Copyright your content

OnlyFans, just like any interactive creative app, is prone to piracy. Malicious users are looking to benefit from your content without your permission, which is why, as a creator, you need to take measures to protect your content from copyright infringement. OnlyFans has a Watermark feature that shields your work from non-consensual reposting. The Watermark is available at no charge for all OnlyFans users.

User restriction

Cyberbullying and online harassment are real. Although most OnlyFans users are regardful of the website’s policies and terms, not all of them are. You can block and restrict users that make you feel unsafe. OnlyFans provides a facet that lets you block subscribers and limit their interaction with you. You can also block users by their countries or I.P address; this makes it easier for you to filter through subscribers of your preference. If blocking feels like a stretch to you, opt to use the restriction feature that allows a user to view and like your content, but prevents them from commenting on your posts or sending you direct messages.

Control your account

OnlyFans allows you to select what people see on your page. By choosing what to put out, clients feel more in control of their safety. The website gives you an option to monitor what other users see when they click your profile; that is, your username, avatar, and cover photo. OnlyFans has features designed to fit everyone’s personal preference by providing their users with several privacy settings, from My Eyes Only to Fully private profile.

Online security has always been a constant challenge; many companies are trying to incorporate features and policies that address their clients’ security concerns. Websites like OnlyFans are opting to collaborate with reliable cybersecurity companies and reliable billing providers. It is to assure the general public of their safety when using their platform. However, there are only so many measures that one can take to protect over one billion people. With new cybercrimes popping up every day, no one can ever really be up for the challenge. It is up to you to utilize the policies and features provided and adhere to the terms of your favorite websites and platforms. These policies are put there to protect you. Ultimately, online safety starts with you!