Important Things To Consider Before Choosing A Martial Arts Software

Martial Arts Software

The martial arts industry has been a leader in leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. From single-use programs to full-blown management systems, the software has been an important part of the daily operations of many academies around the world. However, with so many options available it can be difficult to know which program is right for your academy.

The following are just a few questions to consider before making your decision on choosing a martial arts software:

Class scheduling and communication tools

When you’re looking at martial arts software, it’s important to take a close look at the class scheduling and communication tools. As a martial arts school owner or instructor, you’ll want to make sure that your students can easily sign up for classes as well as pay their fees with ease.

Good software should also provide an easy way for instructors to communicate with each other about class schedules, events like tournaments and seminars, and more. And finally, the software should allow you to stay in touch with your customers by sending out emails from time to time when there is important news about your business.

Check-in, attendance, and billing

When you’re training, you will need a way to check in with your students. This is done by scanning a student’s ID or punching in their information manually. You’ll want to keep track of this so that you can later bill the right amount of money based on attendance.

If not handled correctly, check-in can cause some problems too: if someone doesn’t show up to class without letting anyone know ahead of time, then they might get billed twice. In contrast, someone could miss half a class but still show up when signing back in–so these details must be recorded properly so that no one is accidentally overcharged for lessons missed.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management is the process of managing a company’s interaction with customers. A CRM system helps businesses organize, store and analyze customer data to improve their understanding of customer behavior and increase sales.

A martial arts school might use a CRM system to keep track of student information such as: how often students attend class; what classes they are taking; if they have paid their membership fees; if they are injured or sick.

Waitlist and auto-enrollment

These features save time and money by automatically enrolling students who are on the waitlist after a class is full. When you’re ready, they allow you to send a message to all students who were enrolled through auto-enrollment and waitlist, letting them know that their spot is secure in your next session. You’ll also have access to their contact information so that you can remind them about upcoming events or send an email with more information about the class.

Reporting and insights

Reporting and insights are really important for a martial arts school. They can help you make better business decisions and track your business growth.

If you want to grow your martial arts school, it is important to know what your customers want. Your software should be able to provide a lot of information about how much money your students are spending when they are taking classes.

Inventory and supplies tracking

Inventory and supplies tracking is an essential part of any martial arts business. Not only can it help you save money by keeping track of inventory, but it can also help you make more money by giving you an accurate idea of what types of equipment are used in the studio and how much each item costs. This knowledge allows for better purchasing decisions and will ultimately lead to greater profits for your martial arts studio.


Ultimately, the best program for your martial arts academy depends on your needs and goals. Before making a decision, be sure to weigh all of your options in terms of software functionality, customer support, and cost. Also, keep in mind that future growth is an important consideration regardless of the program that you decide on.