5 Random Things You Can Do With Technology

online technology

Technology has done a lot to enhance nearly every aspect of our lives over the past 20 years. You’ve witnessed the age of the internet emerge. You’ve watched cell phones turn into fully capable, handheld computers.

Tech is great for practical and business use, but it’s also a facilitator of fun. Take a second to check out a few random things you can do with today’s technology, and have a little fun today.

You can buy anything

With the most basic of computers and a wi-fi connection at your disposal, you can purchase almost anything. You can buy an ATM online. You can buy a car online. Anything from socks to a kidney (on the black market) can be purchased through the infinite connection of the web.

You can play a game

Game play has been revolutionized by the influx of technology. Playing games in a digital realm may not seem to be quite “random” enough for the list, but the range of games you can play is quite random in nature.

You can play a game called Goat Simulator, and live your life out as a goat. Mister Mosquito allows players to play the role of a mosquito looking for the right moment to feed on an unassuming Japanese family.

You can capture moments

Today’s smartphones are smarter than ever. Anyone can take a professional video or image when they have the best smartphone at their disposal.

Some smartphones have up to five different cameras for just such activities. Each camera is purposed for a different effect on whatever you choose to capture.

You can capture moments as simple as your best friend waking up in the morning to a loud noise, or you can capture a weird moment. Whatever you decide needs to be remembered or recalled can be frozen in time with the power of today’s technology.

You can hover over the earth

You read it right. You can hover. The first real hoverboard was just recently introduced to consumers, and technology promises a sharper version in the near future.

Even more than a hoverboard, you can have a water powered jetpack attached to your back that will give you the power to hover over the water. No matter the terrain, there’s a gadget that will give you superpowers.

You can talk to strangers

Tech makes it possible to talk to a complete stranger on the opposite side of the planet. The weirdness comes into play when you consider the room for deception.

So many people have lied about who they really are, in fact, that there’s a term for it; catfish. MTV even has a television show about the weirdness.