4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Making Your Life Better

Artificial Intelligence

If you read the news at all or if you pay attention to pop culture, then you recognize how often the topic of artificial intelligence comes up. Though some people approached the subject with trepidation, others are more concerned with how artificial intelligence might make their lives better, and this is something that you can really dig into!

Think for a minute of four topics that could improve your conceptualization of AI productivity. First, artificial intelligence could help with maintenance and reliability of specific projects on a professional or personal level. Second, artificial intelligence can be used for improving creative projects on many different levels. Third, with the onset of big data, artificial intelligence makes spotting trends that much easier. And Lastly, having artificial intelligence as a part of targeted marketing means that you will be better served as a consumer and less annoyed.

Maintenance and Reliability

In industrial settings, you can find ways to leverage artificial intelligence to benefit maintenance and reliability programs. It can be very daunting for engineers and technicians to figure out best practices concerning new industrial techniques. If you feed artificial intelligence somehow, it can give you immediate readouts of descriptive and prescriptive methods and possibilities. Every industry can benefit from additional eyes and observations of a process. Artificial intelligence brings incredible potential to every single system process that can be analyzed.

Improved Creative Projects

There’s also the matter of improved creative projects. For example, in the audiobook industry, new AI proofing technology is creating all sorts of ripples. By giving proofreaders extra tools to listen and make scripts and audio accurate, there will be vast improvements in overall quality, and it will come more efficiently and at less of a cost. And if audiobooks can do something like this, imagine what other industries can do when AI reaches the next level of potential.

Big Data Analysis

If you’ve explored the idea of big data in the past, you know that it requires gigantic supercomputers to analyze the trillions of pieces of information flowing back and forth from different nodes. If you add artificial intelligence into the mix, suddenly, not only do you have analysis, but you have learned analysis. This distinction is crucial because you can see things that have never been observable before.

Targeted Marketing

Finally, you can look concretely at the idea of targeted marketing from a reasonable perspective. Though advertisers and promoters have gotten better in general at targeted marketing, there’s still an incredible amount of redundancy, frustration, and missed opportunities because there are still people or automated processes behind a lot of it.

With artificial intelligence, there is a whole new realm of possibility when it comes to truly customizing a person’s experience with different kinds of marketing. It has been in movies for a long time but is just now starting to find its way into reality.