What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design

When you hear the term “Graphic Design,” what comes to your mind? Artistic advertisements or stunning, eye-catching website designs? Beautiful magazine logos?

All of these things fall into the world of graphic design. However, being a graphic designer involves so much more than that. What is graphic design?

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a professional field that consists of designers creating visual works of art for commercial or marketing purposes, such as designing a webpage or advertisements. Graphic designers use all kinds of images and texts to convey their subject, product, idea, or service. Creating merchandise, such as book covers, business cards, or unique packaging is also part of a graphic designer’s job.

In other words, graphic designers translate their creativity into lucrative assignments.

Different Types of Graphic Design

The career of a graphic designer has several branches. Let’s discuss a few avenues in this field.

Advertising Design

Graphic designers who desire to work in the advertising industry can specialize in advertising design. What they do is create ad campaigns with the help of creative and art directors. Then, they execute an idea and bring to life the vision of the brand, whether on banners, flyers, or other similar items.

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Website Design

A web designer is in charge of establishing visual elements of a webpage, like the color scheme, font, layout, and navigation. When you come across a website so attractive that it makes you want to be scrolling through it, there’s always a talented web designer behind it.

User Experience (UX) Design

Designers in this avenue of graphic design conduct research to create user-friendly platforms. They determine the best layouts across all kinds of channels and mediums, such as phone applications, desktops, or any other electronic display. They find ways to improve your interaction with electronics.

User Interface (UI) Design

UI design is a form of UX design, but a lot more specific. It consists of taking the foundation that the UX designers built and working on more specific aspects of it, such as scrolling or swiping.

Logo Design

Logo design is exactly what the name states—a graphic designer specialized in creating logos using images, words, and symbols. Logos give the company a face, and the logo designer’s mission is to create a logo that can perfectly represent the company.

Motion Graphics Designer

These types of graphic designers create a variety of visual arts for different kinds of media platforms, such as film, animation, or television. They’re the ones behind the creation of cartoons and other types of visual elements.

Want to Become a Graphic Designer?

Now that you’ve got your answer to the question “what is graphic design?” it’s time for you to explore this career a little deeper. Life as a graphic designer is filled with creativity and opportunity—which might make it the perfect career path for you.

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