What is a domain name and why you need to register a domain name?

register a domain name

If you have a website and you want to publish it over the web, then it is important for you to register your domain to publish it. There are various domain providers available in the market which provide domain registration services. But before choosing the one, you should know everything regarding Domain registration. In this article we will light up all the aspects of Domain name registrations, so let us figure out.

Why you need of a Domain Name?

A domain name is like an identity of the website, which basically helps a human being to visit or locate the website or a particular brand name. These days it is very important to have a website for business organizations because people prefer online instead of visiting a store physically to get their goods and services. So, to enhance brand visibility and to enhance the profits of the business organization, it is important to have a domain for a brand. We can also say that without a domain name, a website cannot make its presence over the web. Best Hosting

To have clarity of domain name requirement lets have an example, Suppose there is a website abc.com on the web, which is an eCommerce website. Here the domain name of the website is abc.com, and by entering this domain name, users can locate the website easily. But if there is no website named as abc.com over the web, then it means there is no domain registered with this website. Now we hope that the concept of the domain name is cleared in your mind.

Tips to Choose a Domain Name

To choose a domain name is a very challenging task. It is believed that a domain name should contain the brand name of the business organization, or it should resemble the services provided by the business organization. Suppose your brand name is ABC then your domain name should be abc.com, or you can also use other extensions like .in, .co, .co.in, .org, .gov, etc. In this section, we will share some essential points with you which you should consider while looking for a domain name.

  • You should avoid numbers and other special symbols.
  • Use the right domain name extension to reach the right audience.
  • Keep it simple to type, remember, and pronounce.
  • Keep it unique and recognizable so that it can attract visitors.

Different types of Domain Name extensions

There are different types of domain name extensions, some are recognized globally, and some are recognized on the national level. As we know, .com is an extension which is recogm=nized globally. Many organization keep their main domain extension as .com and their subdomain extensions as .in (for India), .us (for America), .au (for Australia), .ru (for Russia), .ca (for Canada) etc. There are two more extensions which are .org and .gov, where .org is considered for organizations and .gov, is reserved for government departments and organization. For education sectors, .edu is designed to keep the education sector different.

It is constantly prescribed to select a remarkable Domain name and Hosting ensure the area name which you select must be anything but difficult to recollect principally the clients ought not to discover any trouble in composing or articulating your Domain name. On the off chance that you are business depends on Indian customers, at that point you have to decide on a .in augmentation, though on the off chance that you are focusing on an overall group of spectators, at that point can select .com expansion.

How to register a domain name and where to do it?

There are many websites or business organizations which provide domain name registration services. To choose one service provider, you need to select one of the organizations with proper research and experience. Then look for the domain which you want to register. There is a possibility that the domain name which you want to register is not available or registered by someone else. This is a reason why it is recommended to choose a unique brand name or domain name.

There are various organizations which provide a free domain name if you buy hosting from then so you can also go with that option as well. After this process, you need to buy a plan to register the domain, and you are ready to publish your website on that domain.