What are the top 10 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020?


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  • Here are some of the things that you should take care of –

1- Not paying attention to site’s speed-

The first issue that you may face is from the speed of your site. High speed is critical in becoming a favor of the Google. If your website is slow, Google will not show your website in top searches if your website is slow. Therefore, it will be difficult for audience to visit your site. Make sure your site’s loading speed is fast and loads quickly. You can host your site with MilesWeb for best Uptime.

2- Targeting to rank the incorrect keywords –

If you want your site to rank on Google, it is crucial to ensure that you are optimizing the proper keywords relevant to your niche. One of the biggest mistakes that you may encounter as a site owner is optimizing for keywords that are too generic. For instance, if you are having a small business and you want to use ‘tours and travels’ as your keyword, it may be tough to be ranked on Google as it is generic term. Broad match phrases decreases your chance in getting results in top SERP’s as they are tough to get ranked in quick time. If you are using generic keywords it is difficult to rank and get that position as you have to compete with all similar companies from different parts of the world.

3- Content that is not relevant –

If you put uninteresting content, then you’re SEO will not perform properly? Writing hazy articles with an inadequate word count makes it difficult for Google to view you as an expert in a particular topic. Make sure you right an article which is expressive with proper content which should be easily understood by users and should be indexed as well by Google.

4- Not performing SEO Audit –

I truly believe the one thing you need to do better in SEO results is performing SEO Audit. SEO audits are one of my favorite activities because it helps you know the issues that are affecting your SEO performance and why your website is underperforming.

5- Not setting SEO goals –

When you set your SEO campaign without a goal, then you’re operating without a target. Keep your target set for SEO as you have to perform and target your keywords properly. Ensure that you don’t set perfect goals as campaigns rarely work as per the plan.

6- Not analyzing your competition –

You must know about the competition that is going on in the market. You need to look for the points of leverage when you are set to target a keyword.

7- Not doing retargeting –

80% of visitors never come back to your site. But that audience that has visited your site would
come back, if you run retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is one of the best methods for getting visitors on your site.

8- Copy Content Issues –

If you copy content from another site, it is bad for SEO. Duplicate content is definitely an issue affecting many sites and your blog won’t rank. If you are using duplicate content then it would definitely be critical and your site won’t get ranked in Google. Make sure your content is unique and clean.

  1. Not optimizing for Conversations –

Getting lot of traffic to your site is great, but it is not worth if it doesn’t gets converted. It depends upon the keywords that you are targeting. You need to target the keywords according to the niche you set according to your services. Make sure you target keywords properly and you will get good conversion ratio.

  1. Focus on other Search Engine also–

Work on other search engine other than Google also. You have lot of options like Yahoo and Bing which are also major search engines after Google. YouTube is also one of the best and massive medium which gives lot of opportunities to build and let you do proper marketing and branding for your services.

Here I can mention the points that are bad for SEO-

  • Having Low quality pages
  • Not targeting long tail keywords
  • Not proper optimizing ON- Page
  • Not promoting articles
  • Slow loading speed
  • SSL Certificate not implement
  • Using too many Redirect Chains

Conclusion –

In this article I can assure is that, if you do better SEO according to the latest trends and techniques which are updated and focus on proper optimization of the keywords, content and overall performance of the website it will help your site rank. Rankraft Digital Marketing is the best SEO agency to get your site’s SEO properly executed and improve ranking in the SERP’s.