Tips and Tricks To Create A Killer Real Estate Facebook Ad

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Real estate agents are well aware that to be effective, their expertise has no restriction on the land sale. Nonetheless, the opportunity to create leads by captivating media strategies is more crucial to the growth of the dynamic real estate industry. Why would you market a property because you don’t have someone to rent?

Back in the day, real estate agents focused on networking across the area, putting updates on the store newsletter page, and maybe even heading door-to-door to exchange a friendly smile and give out a colorful flyer. Nowadays, this strategy doesn’t cut it all. Half of the customers in the grocery store are on their mobile. While the other half are lying by their fireplace waiting for their Instacart delivery to come.

So, to help you, here is a detailed and comprehensive guide to assist in creating great real estate facebook ads. We cover everything from positioning, marketing, generational targeting, and generation-leading.

Real estate Facebook ads are fast and cost-effective to attract more customers. But to get the results, you need to know how to get the most out of your social media ad budget. Facebook ad Templates allow you to in an effective and optimized way.

Let’s discuss the eight validated strategies that you should start utilizing today to create more clients.

You ‘re not going to turn down a client who was serious about selling or purchasing. But you must target one type of person at a time when it comes to marketing or advertising. This method is the only way to bind to a low level to allow a click on your advertisement.

Here’s how to build a Facebook audience:


Choose the common language that your audience speaks. If you target a bilingual audience, you can select more than one language.


This one is relatively self-explanatory, but it’s important not to get confused because there’s no sense in displaying the ads to an 18-year-old who doesn’t have the money to purchase the $2 million house on the water you ‘re trying to offer.

Demographic Targeting:

Here’s where Facebook gets interesting, but also a little bit challenging. In the past, Facebook will allow brokers and agents to reach customers by wealth, ZIP code, gender, marital status, and more demographics, suggesting that someone could soon purchase or sell a house. They even had a category called “possibly to move” that made targeting dead simple.

  • Construct a Personal Brand Audit

Your Website, Logo and Headshot

You also don’t technically need a great website to advertise on Facebook, but it’s going to make it a lot easier to get leads. It’s all going to show to the members that you’re a real expert they can trust. Although you can never display the logo on Facebook advertisements, a professional-looking logo on the website and landing page can help you turn further leads. Having a fantastic headshot can help you turn more clicks to a lead. After all, people are much more likely to give their contact details to someone who looks truthful! Will you need any help? Find out our guide to the headshots of the real estate agent by using Invideo.

  • Set Your Ad Budget

Facebook advertising pricing works based on a bidding system. It suggests marketers are betting for how much they ‘re prepared to pay to meet a particular demographic. Fortunately, all this bidding occurs immediately. What you need to do is establish your average regular bid, and Facebook will decide when and how long to pay on your location. You should adjust the recurring expenditure individually for each program, or each ad schedule for each program. You can even change your budget when you travel, but never modify your account until you have an ad package that produces leads at a reasonable price per lead!

  • Create a Video to Bring Your Property to Life

Now making a video is easy with different Promo Video Templates available. Video marketing is undoubtedly an underutilized strategy for the real estate industry! While some have begun to catch on, many still see video as an intimidating and challenging medium. Although the video is still not the same as it is, it offers the audience a more accurate image of the house. If you want to take things a step a little farther, try creating a 360 video that allows the potential buyer to move around with their touchpad as if they were going to the apartment to explore themselves. Finally, upload your video to the Facebook Ad Manager.

  • Be Transparent

Perhaps one of the most challenging facets of becoming a real estate company is building confidence. When anyone makes a big financial choice but also a personal one that will affect their day to day, they want to make sure they ‘re dealing with a trustworthy team. When you’re creating your real estate related Facebook ads, reveal realistic images, and direct it to your ad copy. Tell the user precisely what they’re going to get before they have to press, including square footage, size, number of bedrooms, location etc. in the ad.

  • Design a Proper Landing Page

Even if you’ve got a good Facebook commercial, you might end up with no leads at all if you’re not cautious about developing your landing page. The landing page is just a link on your website where your leads can “enter” after clicking on your ad. Your landing page might only ask for contact details, or it could be another page on your website. If you build a lead ad with the lead generation as a campaign goal, your landing page will be on Facebook.

  • Use Reviews and Testimonials

I’ve already talked a little about the significance of building trust. In addition to being transparent, there’s another way to build trust through your ads. It comes in the form of letting your satisfied customers talk. While it’s pretty easy to brag about how wonderful you are, it’s only serious about the mouth of a non-biased person. That’s where consumer testimonials and feedback go into action.