The Use of Computer in Improving Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing

Many of the modern people would struggle to imagine how life used to look like 30 or 50 years ago when there were no mobile phones, computers, tablets, smartwatches and many other tools we do not imagine our life without.

However, make an effort and close your eyes. Try to imagine yourself waking up with a mechanical alarm clock, making the morning stretching and workout without the smartwatch to count your pulse and wireless headphones to provide you with some good music or an interesting podcast. It does not really sound like a lot of fun.

Later, you go to work or to your classes, where you have to do everything manually. You take notes, write the papers, make the researches in the library getting all of your books from the actual bookshelves and looking for all the information you need by turning hundreds of pages. The only thing to help you is the typing machine (if you have got one of course or you know someone to own it) which is also not the most convenient thing to use. Just the thought of it sounds so exhausting and you begin to feel so blessed to live in the 21 century. Among other benefits of the modern student’s life computers provide there is one thing our parents and grandparents could not even think of – the opportunity to use legit academic writing services e.g. AdvancedWriters with professional paper writers to cover for us with essay writing in times of need.

What can we now do by using the computer?

Today we have the benefit of making our life easier by letting the products of technological progress help us out in our day-to-day life. We make our shopping lists, study and work notes in our smartphones, tablets, and laptops(check for the best laptop which helps you in your daily task), we pay for our purchases with our phones, we get to our destinations with the help of GPS. With all said above, we can make a statement that our whole life is in those stylish technological devices we carry in our bags every day instead of tones of paper, books, and notebooks. However, doesn`t this also mean that when someone steals a computer, tablet or smartphone from us this makes us a lot sadder than the theft of a wallet or a car key? — Looks like it does.

Anyway, we can not deny how much more productive and efficient we become along with technological progress. We no longer have our muscles swollen at the end of the day because of carrying have bags full of our work and study stuff, we do not always need a desk area to complete some of our assignments as we can just take our laptop or a tablet, go to the park and do all we need while sitting on the bench under the tree or to complete our assignments on our smartphones on our way in the subway as anything these days can be done online.

How did our study routine change along with the technology development?

As we mentioned previously the modern thin, stylish, lightweight computers, laptops, and tablets gave us an opportunity to leave the heavy books and notebooks behind, save the forests and enjoy our life, yet it is not the entire list of what technology can do for us.

The sociologists say that more than 85 % percent of the students around the world combine their studying with work. This means that most of us do not only need to make all of the academic assignments but also be able to have time for work and this is where prioritizing enters the game.

To do good both at work and at school you always need to manage your time and be sure you can correctly prioritize the most important tasks to be done in the first place without forgetting about the secondary ones. Unfortunately, we cannot always do it as we are all humans, not robots. However, this is where robots or computers, that would be more accurate, can really help us to have everything covered as we have got all the services of the world just one click away from us.

Sometimes, we do not find our homework very helpful as it does not always help us better understand the study material we are working on, yet it usually takes so much time, especially when it comes to essay writing. In this situation, no one will blame you for going to the Internet and finding the service to do your homework for you.

For this reason, every time you have tones of work and school stuff going on do not let yourselves getting stressed, just take a deep breath, make a list of task prioritizing, and let the less relevant or the most complicated (the choice is always yours) be done for you by the team of professionals, whereas you can give yourself some several more hours of sleep.