The Biggest Drone Manufacturers

Drone Manufacturers

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) also known as drones are the latest and greatest trend. It seems like everyone has a drone nowadays. Some people enjoy them just for a hobby while others are using them commercially. If you are interested in learning more about drones or even maybe purchasing one check out the list below. These are some of the top drone manufacturers.

DJI Innovations

DJI headquarters are in China but they have manufacturing sites throughout the world. They also have an online store as well. They are a leader in the civilian drone industry and have several commercial type drones that are used for aerial photography and videography. Some of the drone model’s series are the Phantom, the Mavic, and the Inspire. All three of these drones are equipped with a 4K camera that is perfect for aerial photography and videography. They also have a mini version of the Mavic, called the Mavic Mini. This Mavic Mini is their newest drone. It is small, light, and affordable.


Aerovironment is a defense contractor located in Simi Valley California. While they do not manufacture hobby UAVs, they are still one of the greatest drone manufactures today. They primarily manufacture UAVs to assist soldiers and farmers. Their team consists of scientists, engineers, and innovators constantly working on solving problems of the world today with drones.

Yuneec Electric Aviation

Yuneec International is another commercial drone company located in China. They also have offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. They were the first company to introduce a ready to fly, out of the box, drone. This drone is called the Typhoon Q500 quadcopter. Along with the Typhoon model they also have a small compact drone called the Breeze, and another foldable compact drone called the Mantis-Q. The Mantis-Q is Yuneec’s newest drone on the market and can be operated with voice commands.


Parrot is a French drone company located in Paris. As one of the newer drone companies to enter the UAV market, one of it’s specialties is the AR.Drone 2.0. This drone is a hobby drone that can easily be operated through a smart phone app. They also have new models such as the quadcopter called the Bebop 2 drone, the Parrot Disco FPV drone that is operated with FPV goggles, and the Parrot mambo which is a mini drone that can fire cannon balls. Their newest drone is the ANAFI. This drone has a 4K HDR camera and a 3-axis gimbal that allows the camera to not only rotate around but also tilt straight down and straight up.

Autel Robotics

This company originated in China but is now located in Bothell WA. They were founded in 2014 and their main goal was to develop drones that are easy to use for aerial photography. One of their most popular drones is the X-star premium drone with a 4K camera. This drone is comparable to DJI’s Phantom.

Drones have many uses in today’s day and age. They are a fun hobby, but they are also used for some other very important issues. They are used by the US department of defense, Emergency response crews, for humanitarian and disaster relief, agriculture, and so much more. The technology is constantly changing and improving.

A huge industry in the drone business is the industrial side of the business. Many of the above-mentioned drones are compatible with industrial drone equipment such as sensors that analyze data. This data is collected from footage taken from things such as mining and construction sites. These drones equipped with industrial drone equipment are a safe and efficient way to gather and analyze the information many companies need. Whether it is for commercial business or a hobby drones are fascinating, and business is booming.