Online and offline Marketing to find foreign buyers for the export business

offline Marketing

Marketing is important for business growth without doing marketing of goods and services produced in the company, a business will struggle to make sales and expand. A business should implement good marketing strategy, nowadays businesses are heavily dependent on the marketing and the lead generation as it generates traffic to the service page on the website. Be it a small start up or big multi-million dollar business.

Online Marketing uses the Internet and can be done with the help of digital technology and offline marketing is done without using the Internet and Digital technology. Spending on the marketing is important for the business but it is equally important to spend it in right direction. Marketing should not only restricted to telling the quality of the products but also using the marketing techniques to reach out to target audience and use it for the lead generation.

Offline marketing uses the telephone marketing such as telemarketing, sms marketing, Outdoor marketing such as billboards and fliers, advertising in magazines and news papers etc. Offline marketing is effective but business should be upgraded using the technologies, nowadays digital technology used in marketing to reach the target audience in short span of time.

Online Marketing is of following types:-

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Website design
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) or SEM marketing

Advance Authorisation Scheme allows the import of raw materials without paying the customs duty.

Online marketing in International trade is becoming one of the most used tools.

To Promote the exports Government launched RoDTEP Scheme to reimburse all the duties and taxes on the export products

Digital technology grows with new digital ideas.

Almost all the exporters and importers search online for their requirements so it is very important to have the website which is mobile responsive and email responsive.

Social Media can be used for the marketing to reach large no. Of target audience very fast, post must be created about the goods and services which all we export and can be shared online.

Email Marketing can be used for the promotion by directly sending the emails.

Offering Promotions, giving more information about the goods and services,


It works by keeping ads high on search engine results which customers can click and open.

Ads Display:-

Offline marketing also uses the Television where we can share them about the goods and services we are offering and they will display the ads in between any programme.

Radios are used to share the information about the goods and services to target audience.

Government Authorities:-

There are the government authorities which help to promote the exports and guide the exporters to make their cost competitive in the global Market.

Government launched various incentive scheme and the EPCG Scheme to allow duty free import of capital goods.