Make an educated choice to settle Bijli bills online


Electricity or Bijli, as called in Hindi, is the lifeblood of industries. Many critical industrial processes and equipments need constant supply of power to run optimally and produce effective results. The healthcare and medical industry is thoroughly dependent upon good quality Bijli supply. Back in 1947 when India gained independence the power generating capacity of the nation was 1362 MW that was mostly generated from hydro-power and thermal power. Today the country has an installed capacity of 357.875 GW with 71% power coming from thermal plants. A lot has undoubtedly changed as far as the Bijli scenario is concerned in the country in the last 72 years since independence. One of the incredible changes that have taken place in this utility sector is the facility of making online Bijli bill payments. An aspect that has been introduced lately, today consumers of all the state Bijli boards in the country are able to enjoy the benefits of safe, easy and fast payment that is powered by the digital medium.

Advantages of online Bijli bill payment

There are numerous advantages that the common man does not realize initially. Over a period of time though, when he gets used to the system of online payment, he starts to appreciate the essence of the digital medium.

  1. There is no denying that the digital method of payment – whether one uses the brand websites/Apps of the service provider or the websites/Apps of top payment facilitators like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe – is superbly fast with an incomparable speed when compared to the manual method of paying Bijli bills. Not only that, consumers no longer require to keep waiting patiently in long queues or travel long distances or bear the torture of the Indian weather conditions in order to settle their outstanding bills. Everything can now be done from the comforts of their homes and workplaces using internet, their smartphones or any other smart device.
  2. There are cash back offers and attractive discounts to enjoy that are provided by the service providers as well as the third party aggregators to motivate people to use the online methods of Bijli bill payments. This way, consumers actually end up paying less than the bill amount. A great source of joy and encouragement to the common man who toils hard, day and night, for sourcing means of his livelihood.
  3. With online payment methods, tracking payment history is much easier. When you pay manually you need to save the manual Bijli bills and receipts somewhere safely so that they can be referred to anytime in the future. With online payments there is no such requirement. Everything is saved and stored digitally – so at any point in time if you need to reproduce the bills, you can simply take printouts of the same or share the soft copy of the paid bills with the concerned person or authorities.

With the Digital India movement that was launched by the Government of India some years back, more and more state-owned utility service providers are empowering their consumers to adopt the online payment methods and enjoy the benefits of the same at leisure.