How to Stay in Touch With Loved Ones When You’re in Self-Isolation


It might feel like you’re missing out on everything: birthdays, anniversaries, and maybe even your niece or nephew’s first steps. If you’re really starting to feel the distance between you and your family during this pandemic, you’re certainly not alone. Even if you’re in the same town, it isn’t recommended that you gather. Thankfully, people are resilient and have been finding fun and creative ways to continue to share their lives with their loved ones at a safe distance. Here’s a list of ways to stay in touch with your family and friends while you’re practicing self-isolation.

It’ll be like you’re really there

Talking on the phone is great, but being able to see the faces of the ones you love is on a whole other level. FaceTime is fine, but the images are frequently grainy. You have to hold your phone, and it just feels like there’s a bit of a disconnect. You need a high quality web camera that will make you feel like you’re really sitting in the room together. NewEgg is a top online retailer that has a wide selection of cameras at competitive prices. Look into purchasing a camera like the Anivia 1080p HD Webcam W8, which has a rotating clip in case you need to move locations. This camera also has compatibility with many applications, so you have the pick of the litter when it comes to which call platform you’d like to use. Father’s Day is coming up, so this could be a great gift for your dad. The two of you can keep in closer contact, even after the stay at home orders expire.

Don’t miss a single memory

If you have kids in your life, you know how rapidly they grow, change, and learn incredible new things. Any time apart from them can make you feel like you’re missing huge milestones. As stay at home orders continue and we grapple with the understanding that states may need to shut down again after reopening, it feels like more months will have to go by before you get to hug and play with the beloved kids in your life.

With a private photo sharing app, you don’t have to miss another memory. There are families who choose not to post their children on social media for personal reasons, and although that’s a completely understandable decision, it can make it difficult to share memories with trusted friends and family. With a product like ibi, you can securely upload pictures to a private cloud and specifically select who can see what. With an amazing amount of storage, you’ll be able to upload any kind of photo or video media and gift your inner circle with the cure of cuteness during this pandemic.

Send snail mail

Coupled with video chats, having something to physically hold, read, and keep forever can make you feel very connected to your loved ones. It’s an inexpensive way to show just how much you care. If someone has a special birthday, go old fashioned, avoid the store, and make your own card. If you feel like you don’t have a lot to say, write a haiku about the first thing you see in your room. The recipient is bound to get a smile out of their snail mail and they might even write you back!

Parade your love for all to see

If you live locally or have a short enough distance that you can drive over without making any pit stops, coordinate a love parade for a special event. Have everyone make signs for the special occasion, hang them on your cars, call your loved one, and tell them to come outside. Then surprise them with socially distanced fanfare! Just check to make sure it’s not illegal in your state before organizing the event.