How to Improve Your Handwriting


Have you ever considered handwritten material as art? Some methods such as calligraphy make letters seem beautiful and poetic. If you do a wide range of writing or work for a company, you may want to invest in ink jet printers Jackson MI to speed up the process, but if you want to improve your handwriting, here are a few tips.

Move the Elbow

One common error for most people is the way they hold a pen. Cramped writing often comes from the way you move your wrist or the pressure you put while writing. Think about how you hold a writing utensil. Do you use your wrist as a pivot point? If your prone to cramping, this might be the reason. Use your elbow as your anchor to have better movement and better posture as you write.

Define What You Want To Change

Everyone has different handwriting, but what things do you want to improve or change? To find this, write a paragraph or two and study the way you write. Here are a few factors you can look at:

  • Size
  • Loops/curves
  • Angle
  • Spacing
  • Alignment

Once you know what needs to change, you can focus on those specific steps to improve your writing. This will make the process easier as you focus on the most important corrections first. Find alphabets that match your preferred style of writing and refer to them often.


Study fonts you adore or practice your own style of handwriting. The best way to get better is through consistent practice of the things you want to improve. Take your time, the slower you write each letter, the more correct it will look. After a few times, you can get faster.

A great way to practice is by journaling every day. Take five or ten minutes to write about your day, but don’t forget to practice what you’ve learned. After a few months, you can see great improvements in your handwriting, and you will have a great record of your life too.

Get Materials

If you want to take an extra step in penmanship, consider buying special supplies. Calligraphy is becoming more popular and is a beautiful form of handwriting. You can also get different types of pens, paper, and other supplies that will make handwriting seem even more exciting. If you feel courageous, send a few letters to loved ones, and show off your new writing skills.

Penmanship seems like a dying skill, but you can improve your own handwriting through a little effort and grit. Develop your writing style today and showcase your handwriting expertise.