How to find someone’s location using their phone number?


Parents are often found taking the stress of the whereabouts of their kids. Kids like to party and hang out with their friends. Stressful parents may seem helpless in the matter, but they have an amazing location tracking app to get to know their location. The GPS tracking feature of TheOneSpy spyware for android allows you to get accurate or live the location of a target device anytime anywhere.

In another case, you may get worried about your spouse or any loved one too. You can always keep a check through the TheOneSpy app and be there in the hour of need. We understand that you are in a loving relationship and it may not sound fair. However, you must know that life is unpredictable and instead of getting betrayed or to get in trouble, spy on your loved ones and be aware of their whereabouts.

The safety of a person and emotions are important. So, in both cases, the app will help you to know the exact location of the target device.

How a GPS tracking feature can help?

Location tracking through the TheOneSpy app is simple if you want to track like this place Super 8 Mahwah. Millions of people use this feature for different purposes. It gives you an accurate location of the target device to keep an eye on the person.

Once you activate the app in a device. The next thing you can do is to login through the web portal and start exploring the provided features of the app. You can get the route history to keep track of their daily visits.

The monitoring app surveillance doesn’t end on location tracking. It also gives you many other features. Keep an eye on them by monitoring social media apps, browsing history, screen activity and a lot more.

Simple steps to get started

Follow some simple steps of installation. Make an account, purchase the plan and install the app. The next step is to activate the app in a target device. Use the credential provided by TheOneSpy cell phone spy & now you are ready to get started.

More features of TheOneSpy

The monitoring app is not just about knowing the location of the target device. If you want to access the gallery or read emails, you can easily use this application for various purposes. Read further to know and understand other functions of the app too.

1. Screen Recording

You can record the screen to know their daily activities. Even if you were not watching at the time. You can access the data later.

2. Monitoring Social Media apps

Know about their interactions on social media. The documents they are sharing or read the complete conversation.

3. Accessing the gallery

The app allows you to monitor the gallery too. You can access all the stored, downloaded or shared files from the gallery.

4. GPS location tracking

You already know the location tracking feature. Keep the record of the visited places of a target person and also know their live location anytime you want.

5. Screenshots

You can take live screenshots or set the timings. So, you can watch it later.

6. Key logger

A key logger is a feature that will help you in keeping the record of all the keystrokes. This will also help you know what are the conversing about and a lot more.

7. Password chaser

The feature will enable you to chase the passwords from the lock screen to the emails and social media apps.

8. Call logs and recording

You can record the calls, get the details of all the contacts and also block if you feel the need. Parents do that if they encounter any stranger or the suspicious person who tries to bully their kids.

9. Bugging camera & microphone

You can bug the camera or a microphone to listen and also visualize the surroundings.

10. Limiting the use of the device

You can also add time for little kids. Limit their access to specific websites along with the apps and set the time limits. So, they can sleep and work on time too.


Remember that the TheOneSpy app is not a location tracking app. It has all the features that a parent may need to be aware of their children. So, install it now, and you have nothing to worry about your loved ones.