Home Solutions to go Green and Save Money

geothermal heat pump

With technology advancing everywhere, there are now more options than ever to be a bit greener for the environment and save money in the process. Knowing what to look for and what works for your individual situations can be tricky but we’ve put together this post to share some ideas for home solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also money-saving as well. 

Some of these solutions are fairly obvious home improvements, but others, not so much. Check out our shortlist and see if one or all of them works for you. 

BIPV Roofing Technology 

BIPV is essentially a two-sided roof system that allows you to mount solar panels onto the roof to generate power while the reflective surface of the roofing material helps generate solar energy and keep the roof cool at the same time. While a system like this may sound costly there are several benefits to installation that can make choosing this solution the best choice out there. 

The energy efficiency improvements will save drastically on heating and cooling bills. When this is coupled with high-efficiency solar panels, there is a chance to possibly eliminate electricity usage, or at the very least minimize it. There are also tax incentives that are available to help offset the cost of installation. 

Energy-Efficient Insulation

This is an area that is still vastly improving. The fact is, old traditional insulation is not all that energy efficient. There are new composite materials that have much higher insulating properties that can reduce energy bills by as much as 30%. This is done by the insulation being able to hold in the temperature better and main heating or cooling to a greater degree throughout a home. This means less wasted energy and a more comfortable home. 

There are many varieties of energy-efficient insulation that can fit just about any size space or style of home. This solution combined with the others on this list can make a home extremely comfortable while still using relatively little energy. 

Try a Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump is an Earth-friendly solution to heat and cool your home that doesn’t rely on nasty substances like freon. Instead, the heat pump uses the ground to swap air around to either heat or cool your home. It can pull in hot air off the ground and expel cold air in your home to raise the temperature or do the opposite and pull in cold air while expelling hot air to cool your home. 

This system works using a forced-air system to take in air at ground level and push out air from the home. The difference is that no outside forces are acting upon the system, no freon, no heating coils, no moisture just the pump and the ground. It works continuously to cycle air between the ground and the home and has the ability to keep your home much more comfortable for much less energy. 

All of these options focus on lowering energy consumption and saving the environment in the process. We hope you can use one or all of them to make your home a bit greener and more energy-efficient.