Enterprise VoIP Is Essential for International Business


Large businesses need tools that help them grow and reduce costs at scale. One of the most overlooked weapons in the arsenal is enterprise VoIP. Upgrading your communications system can unleash a ton of untapped potential for your company. Especially if you’re a multinational organization or are looking to expand globally, enterprise-grade VoIP can be the spark you need to catch fire abroad.

A Single Service Provider

As organizations expand, they typically work with an ever-growing number of providers. Local suppliers in each region, country, and town are critical to operations in each location. But as every enterprise knows, whenever you can work with a single supplier, your company benefits. Not only does having a single provider simplify logistics and billing, but it also adds to your reliability and makes it easier to plan for the future.

VoIP providers like RingCentral can set you up with phone numbers from all over the world. Using their unified communications software, you can message everyone in your organization and set up groups for different locations or functions. Instead of paying several phone companies, you pay just one. That has huge benefits for your company’s uptime as well. Should a single employee have a problem, anyone in your company can call support to solve it from anywhere.

Scaling Equals Savings

In addition to all the benefits you get from having a single VoIP provider, you save a lot of money. Phone companies routinely charge high rates to business customers, and enterprises need lots of lines. Complex telephone systems are common at large companies, and these take time to manage and install. That makes scaling up more expensive. When you switch to VoIP, though, your costs will drop and scaling becomes even easier.

The scaling effect is even more apparent when you add more lines to your company. VoIP providers make each line cheaper as you add more. For example, a single standard line from RingCentral can cost around $35, but if you’re buying 100 lines, they drop to $22.99 each.

Enable a Global Workforce

The global gig economy continues to grow. If you want your enterprise to be able to compete going forward, you’re going to need to hire workers wherever they are. The skillset you need may not be available locally. VoIP makes it possible for a global workforce to do just about anything. Give a Japanese worker a US number so they can stay in touch with your team. Buy a French number for a saleswoman from Montreal.

VoIP providers can issue virtual numbers from over a hundred countries. You don’t have to reside in that country to get that number either, so your enterprise can reach the entire world with a single provider.

Facilitate Remote Work

Being able to communicate internationally is just one part of a global enterprise’s operations. What about file sharing, video conferencing, or mobile apps? VoIP providers have it all. If you’re an enterprise, you need VoIP. Check out our reviews of enterprise VoIP services to find the right one for you.