Enhance the Quality of Your Business’ E-Store

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If your business’ website isn’t producing the results that want to see, you may need to add or enhance some features. Here are some effective ways to make your eCommerce website more user-friendly and generate more sales.

Offer Live Support

You may notice that many websites feature a live chat option. When you start navigating through the site, a little box pops up on the bottom left corner and asks if you want help. Some people minimize it and want to carry on by themselves, but other people really like having the option of getting personalized attention to point them in the right direction. Live support makes it easy for somebody who isn’t a frequent online shopper to find what they’re looking for and avoid getting frustrated. It also provides a good opportunity for people to ask specific questions about shipping options, return information, and promo codes.

Advertise Promotional Discounts

A lot of online shoppers will be more likely to complete a transaction when they see that there’s a promo code that they can use. Shoppers will be eager to take advantage of the promotional offer rather than leave items in their cart for a few days while they think about it or shop around on other sites. You can consider offering a variety of different promotions; pick whatever you think makes the most sense for your product line and any existing sales offers. You can make discounts contingent on spending a certain amount, excluding items that are already on sale, or offer free or expedited shipping.

Upgrade Your Product Photos

When people click on a photo of something that they’re looking at online, they want to be able to zoom in on a photo to see detail. Your photos need to be high-resolution, and people need to be able to zoom in intuitively. Also, it’s ideal to include more than one photo of each item. Shoppers should be able to see it from at least a couple of different angles.

Add Videos

In addition to great photos, some short videos showing a product may help to give people a clearer picture. If an item is a stationary piece of equipment, you probably don’t need to consider photos. If it’s a product that’s pretty much all about appearances such as an article of clothing, an accessory, or a decorative item, then a video may help entice people to make a purchase.

Give Your Site a Mobile Format

Not everybody who visits your site will be doing it on a laptop or tablet; a lot of people like to shop online on their phones. Your website should feature a mobile version that will facilitate navigation on a mobile device. This version should feature fewer items per row and a more concise layout of product descriptions so people don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to get all of the most relevant information.

Stay in Touch With Your Customers

When you’ve got a sale going on or you’ve got some great new products in stock, you need to let your bigcommerce customization agency know with a targeted email campaign. Use eye-catching subject lines so people won’t be quick to disregard your email as spam and they’ll be interested in hearing about what you’re advertising. Add a personalized touch such as a person’s name and make suggestions about what people may want to check out based on their past purchases.

Keeping your site well-maintained, featuring desirable options such as instant customer service support, showcasing outstanding photos, and offering good promotions can help make your website more popular. When people have a better experience using your site, you’ll likely see your revenue increase substantially.