Buy The Best 3DPrinter Filament 2018


You might have heard about the famous 3D printers, and if you have then you might be knowing that they are pretty expensive and not that easy to acquire. But that was all in the past. Now, not only is iteasily available, the price is also decreasing every year. The basics of the 3D printer are similar to that of a normal printer. Just like a printer needs an ink cartridge, like that a 3D printer needs a special type of filament to create whatever shape you make. So, it is quite clear that just like how the 3D printer is important, like that a 3D printer filament is also important. And to get the best quality using the latest technology printer, it is necessary to have the best 3D printer filament 2018. Having the filament of the latest technology will ensure your 3D prints to be of the best quality possible.

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Types of Filaments Available

The type of filament you buy will ultimately decide how your 3D print may look like or finally function like. Taking that into consideration, there are various types of 3D printer filaments available:

  • PLA Filament
  • ABS Filament
  • PVA Filament
  • HIPS Filament
  • Wood Filament
  • Nylon Filament
  • PET Filament
  • Magnetic Iron Filament
  • Metal Filament

These are the most popular filaments available in the market.

The PLA filament is biodegradable as the thermoplastic PLA is biodegradable. It can be obtained from sustainable sources. This filament is commonly used for products like models, food containers, prototypes and even something as trivial as candy wrappers.

ABS Filament is quite durable, is strong, is also slightly flexible. The plastic ABS is based on petroleum. Even though it is non-degradable, it is still one of the most popular filaments for 3D printers. It is commonly used for products like phone cases, kitchen appliances, knife handles, instruments, toys and much more.

PVA whose full form is polyvinyl alcohol is one of the best filament of 3D printers as it is biodegradable and is also non-toxic. The only disadvantage is that PVA attracts water.

HIPS whose full form is high impact polystyrene is a recyclable filament,unlike ABS. This filament is available in bright colours. This filament is used to give support in the form of a second layer which is applied to the outside of the object.

The wood filament is more natural looking, and suits for show pieces like figurines, chairs, cups and more.

Nylon filament has above average levels of flexibility and durability as well. It is 100% thermoplastic and can be re-melted again and again.

The plastic PET filament is recyclable. It is best suited for plastic bottles. The filament can be coloured or even clear.

Magnetic iron can print items having magnetism. It is used to make objects like magnets that are stuck on the fridge. They are highly durable.

Metal filament uses PLA as the base. By adding actual metal powder, one can obtain metallic materials that feel like they are actually made of metal.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and pick one of the best 3D printer filaments 2018.