Aircraft Parts: Functions

Aircraft Parts

An aircraft is a device used for transportation. It is used to move people and cargo from one place to another. Aircraft may be in different sizes and shapes depending on their purpose. I will discuss about the different parts of aircraft.

Parts of Aircraft

Aircraft are designed with many different and valuable parts.


Wings are compulsory for any aircraft to manage this device in the air. Each aircraft has pairs of wings. This tool is more important to lift the plane in the air.


The fuselage is the main body of any Aircraft Parts. It consists of wings, tail, cockpit, and landing gear. The primary function of this part is to provide the structure for flight. The cockpit is the front part of the fuselage where the pilot seat is. The rear of the fuselage contains a passenger seat and a cargo place. Some aircraft keep their fuel in the fuselage, and some use it to carry in the wings.


The engine is the central part of any plane to fly in the air. Generally, the aircraft contains two engines, one reciprocating, and the other turbine. Reciprocating engines used pistons to convert pressure into rotational motion. A turbine engine is used to flow combustion gases by evoking energy.


The propeller is another prominent part of any aircraft. This part is used to transform rotational energy into force. It consists of two or more blades.

Landing Gear

The landing gear is a compulsory part of any aircraft. The pilot used this system for both landing and takeoff. Landing gear allows the pilot to take off and land the plane without any threat of damage.


Aircraft is a transportation device that transfers people and cargo from one place to another. It is designed with high technology and different valuable parts, which are very useful to lift the plane in the air. Every aircraft part contains beneficial functions to fly this device in the air.