A must-read guide for every android phone user

android phone

What makes Android a popular choice among youngsters and even the elderly is the Play Store.

The Play Store is equipped with thousands of applications that make your life easier than ever. You can find an app for almost every little thing, making it a smart choice for different factions of the population.

However, the android phones do demand a certain degree of attention and care to keep them in great shape and highly functional for years to come.

So, whether your Android phone is a day old or a year, we have the best insights to help make the most of this purchase. Take a tour of the post below and thank us later!

1. Charge smartly

Putting your phone on charge for prolonged hours or charging it every hour will leave a poor impact on your phone’s battery life.

Try to keep your battery level between 40%-80% always and charge it when it comes down to 20%. This way, the device won’t be on charge every hour, nor will your phone face issues due to overcharging.

2. Install a screen guard

A screen guard is your mobile phone’s best friend.

Whenever your phone faces a fall, the screen guard will act as a defensive shield so the damage doesn’t reach the screen.

If your phone doesn’t have a screen guard at the moment, get one today.

3. Get rid of broken screen guard

But, if your phone took a fall which damaged the screen guard, get rid of it right away.

Many of us keep the guard on even after it’s broken in the hopes that it will still protect the screen. However, a broken screen guard increases the chances of screen damage.

If you don’t get the guard replaced soon after the fall, you might have to take your Samsung phone for samsung phone repairs in Auckland.

4. Avoid unnecessary apps

As mentioned before, there are tons of apps on the Play Store. However, you surely don’t need each one of them.

What will you do with five different picture editing apps?

Do not suffocate your phone with lots of apps to the point where it frequently hangs and is of not much use to you.

5. Software protection

The virus always finds a way to seep into Android phones, especially the ones which aren’t protected or equipped to fight against such malware.

Make sure your phone is always protected with antivirus software. However, if you feel the software didn’t help much, visit the specialists for Samsung phone repairs in Auckland before the matter worsens.

Your phone is your responsibility so keeping it safe and cool should always be on your priority list. Whether you are planning to get a new phone or not, use these tips to make the most of your purchase. Good luck!