7 Popular Ways To Use PKI Security In Business Operations


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the encryption to boost communication between the client and the servers. The whole concept works on two cryptographic keys: Public key and Private Key.

The two serve different purposes. The public key is given to the users who can connect with the server anytime. Simultaneously, the private key is very confidential and is generated when the connection is formed.

While communicating, users use public keys to communicate with the servers, and servers use the private key to communicate with the users. With the use of the two keys, all the information is protected from any external attacks.

How Does PKI Authentication Work?

The PKI ecosystem uses several elements for communications. PKI certificate gives a Certificate Authority (CA) to the users after authenticating their digital identities. This certificate can be issued to the individual years to a computer system. CA authenticates any digital document and prevents falsify identities to enter the system.

Then comes the Registration Authority (RA). It is authorized by the CA to produce certificates to the users on a case to case basis. All the certificates registered by the certificate authority and registration authority are stored in the encrypted certificate database.

Does PKI Perform Encryption?

The public key infrastructure is a very complex network. It is very hard to imagine how PKI can work worth the encryption. But to your surprise, it does work with the encryption. PKI is the one-stop-shop for all kinds of encryption and securing private identities.

PKI has the keys that help it to perform the task directly. Whether using a public key or private key, it can use both the keys to encrypt and decrypt the data.

How is PKI used?

PKI is used to protect the communication between the servers and the users. It uses two key verifications to encrypt the communication. With the public key and the private at its disposal, it can protect both sides’ communication.

PKI securities can be used in many ways. The following are a few ways that you can use PKI.

Securing mails

The last thing you would like to share is your business mail information to your competitors. Public key infrastructure can be used to encrypt your mail. This way, you will make sure that the correct receiver opens the mail.

Securing web communication

Public key infrastructure is a security system designed to evaluate, authenticate, and validate user’s information. If you lack a security aspect with your online communication, then you are inviting fraudulent activity. With the help of the PKI, you can secure the data of every user visiting your website.

Digital signing software

Signing in software means submitting some of your important data like your name, address, email ID, contact number, etc. If this information falls in the wrong hand, it can be misused. However, PKI has a solution for you. It provides two step key verifications that restrict any external attacks.

Digital signing application

Several software applications in your smartphones need to be signed first before you can use it. All the data used for the sign-in can be misused if not protected correctly. The protection of that kind of data is done with the help of the public key infrastructure.

Encrypting files

Public Key Infrastructure is also used worldwide to provide encryption to some of the most important files. If files store some of the most important documents, people use the PKI certificate solution to encrypt the files.

Decrypting files

If there are files that have been encrypted with the PKI technology, you can use the same technology to decrypt it. With the PKI, you can easily encrypt and decrypt files that you want to protect from external threats.

Smart Card Authentication

A smart card is the ID card that is given by the companies to their employees. This card may seem like a normal ID card, but it is integrated with PIK technology to help the companies track down the employee’s movement within the working space.


Let’s recap. This article has gone through the PKI framework, its authenticating process, and how well it can store all your confidential data. If this was not enough and you want to learn more about PKI and PKI certificates, feel free to drop your queries below. We will be more than obliged to answer them all.