5 Things to Consider When Performing Keyword Research amid COVID-19


Customer behavior keeps changing fast and consumer requirements unpredictable, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is the reason why you need to focus more on keyword (KW) research to figure out the current shifts in consumer demand and intent. Although, most SEO experts know how to gain useful insights out of Google Search Console (GSC) and are confident which of the KW tools have helped in their search campaigns, things are different now, and that is why out-of-the-box thinking is essential.

According to an article published on Searchenginejournal.com, even a new and single insight every fortnight could help you to create content that is more relevant at these troubled times. It implies making the most out of the resources that had no existence before March 11, 2020, when WHO announced the corona infection will spread like an epidemic. Here are the five essential things to consider when doing KW research amid the pandemic:

  1. Search trends during COVID-19

Did you know that Google launched corona search trends in March 2020? That is because people looked for the coronavirus topic from the end of February until May. Since that time, searches related to the corona pandemic dipped and fell below ‘weather’ search, and today, it is approximately equivalent to search interest in news, yet still, remaining above topics like music and sports.

  1. Rising retail categories

Did you know that Think with Google initiated an interactive tool known as Rising Retail Categories? It was launched with a purpose. The tool was launched to understand the quick-growing retail categories in Google search, the areas where these are growing, and the search queries related to them.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, the top trending categories in America are sneeze guards, sprinkler controls, neck gaiters, household disinfectants, and protective face covers or masks. There are other trending items such as crayons, food container covers, pen and pencil cases, medical equipment, and toddler and baby outerwear. If your business manufactures any of these products, this is the right to make the most out of it.

  1. Shopping Insights

Again, Google did launch Shopping Insights back in October 2015. Many businesses have used this tool before the corona crisis. Then, you can use this tool now to determine how your business is performing compared to your competitors. This way, you can keep an eye on competing products in your niche industry or category. Times are difficult now, and therefore, you can use Shopping Insights to understand how your competitors are doing well despite the pandemic and where you are lacking. To be candid, this tool is a lifesaver now.

The disturbances in 2020 are making things difficult for retailers to make plans for holidays. Then, this tool helps retailers to stay informed on what consumers like and desire, and what trends buyers follow in their category. You might be wondering how the tool will provide useful insights.

Based on the findings of Think with Google, it was found that in 63 percent of shopping situations, customers go online to perform research before buying any product, despite whether they choose to shop offline or online. Then, if you want to learn which KWs are trending amid the pandemic, you can consult with Online Impact Fort Lauderdale agency or similar ones.

With everyday search data for more than 55,000 products, over 45,000 brands, and approx 5,000 categories across America, Shopping Insights is a tool that helps you figure out customers’ shopping objectives on the internet. It thus helps you make more informed product and marketing choices across the internet and offline channels. For instance, the best brands related to toys and games category, based on information from July 17- August 16, 2020, include Hasbro, LEGO, Mattel, Hot Wheels, and Funko. Therefore, if you want to sell products for the holiday season or small business Saturday, you know now which branded products to stock on your store shelves to pique customer interest.

  1. The American economy and corona pandemic

Lately, the search engine giant Google has integrated a new segment of its Coronavirus Search Trends that focuses on the American economy and the corona pandemic. You might be wondering how the deadly epidemic has affected SEO in the economy. How businesses are comparing search today compared to KW searches a year or two back? These are the things; you need to focus on amid the crisis.

All you need to do is scroll down the web page to look for search interest in the term, for example, recession since 2004. You will need to continue scrolling to see a surge in search interest in terms such as food banks, unemployment benefits, mortgage forbearance, and food stamps. You also look at the map of America to determine where search interest in terms like bankruptcy, debt, and unable to pay rent are situated.

  1. Google Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys was initiated in March 2012 and renamed Google Surveys in the year 2016. It is one of the most crucial tools to help you gain useful insights into the minds of your clients’ targeted customers. If you have still not used the tool, it is high time that you do so. Google Surveys is nothing but a market research tool that helps in collating data from the poll questions that you write.

The online visitors will answer the questions you ask so that they can access the best quality content on the Google Display Network. Then, content publishers will receive payment as the users answer the questions. The search engine giant Google then assesses the responses via a simple web interface. Google Surveys will tell you why people are looking for some particular information or performing specific search queries. Use Google Surveys to help you discover visitor search intent, which is extremely important.

You can use screening questions to make sure that the participants in the survey stand for a specific group or niche audience that you want to target and not any casual visitor who will not show interest in your product.


The tips mentioned above will help your business revive from the effects of COVID-19. The right KW research and use of the best tools will help your brand survive despite the epidemic and its devastating economic impact.