3 Best Converting Tools To Manage Your PDF Files

PDF Files

PDF converting tools are programmed to help many people convert their password-protected or scanned PDF files into editable Word, images, Excel, PPT, or other file formats. Users should choose to use a dependable and reliable PDF converter so that those conversion tools can do the job for them. If you’re searching for the best PDF converting tools, worry not because this article will provide you the best. With that, here are the best converting tools to manage your PDF files.

PDF Bear

Why is this software first on the list? It’s easy; PDF Bear is the best platform to convert your PDF files to other file formats in less than 30 seconds. Users can utilize PDF Bear to convert their HTML, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG to PDF, and vice versa. If you don’t know how to use its features, there’s nothing to worry about because all of PDF Bear tools has a straightforward and easy to follow instructions.

PDF Bear is also the safest platform to handle your PDFs because after you upload or download your documents, the system will instantly remove those documents after an hour. With that, your data will stay private and restricted to other people.

WPS PDF Converter

This converter is among the popular applications for Android users. WPS PDF converter is capable of dealing with office apps like PPT, Excel, and Word. Just recently, this software introduced its PDF file to Word file converter that made a lot of noise on the internet. This software also has a straightforward interface, and it has unique features that everyone should try.

Using this converter will allow you to directly drag your documents to its converting bar, where you can find a list of handy commands you can access. After choosing the option that you want, the process will start as soon as possible, and in seconds, the converted file is now ready. It is also important to remember that this converting tool can convert files into a DOCX format. The converter can also maintain the quality of the converted file. It might not be a significant feature, but it’s what makes this converter appear on the list.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

The PDF converter of TalkHelper is also one of the top tools that can deliver a high-quality conversion process to its users. TalkHelper is also a straightforward app that can convert PDFs to a document that you can edit later. The UI and UX of this program are well-crafted to convert the PDF documents of users into Word files quickly.

When you use this software, you can perform the “Drag & Drop” method so that you can quickly choose and convert PDF files and edit them later. If you are in search of a reliable PDF converter, you can resort to using TalkHelper, download and install this software to start converting your PDF files. After you dragged your PDFs into the site’s converter, you need to pick your file’s format. However, the default result format of TalkHelper is Word; that’s why there’s no need for significant changes.


Handling PDF files is hard for many people, but if they have the right tools, their lives would be a lot easier. With the help of these converting tools, you can easily convert your PDFs into different file formats and vice versa. The most recommended converter to use is PDF Bear because, aside from its converter, it can also offer tools for compressing, splitting, merging, and a lot more. It’s also safe and secure to use, and anyone access it for free.